Decluttering discussion thread: share your wins, ask for advice, inspire each other!

Stuff from this purge, plus clothes I got Spouse to review are gone - large garbage bag of clothes, large suitcase, briefcase bag, and bankers box of miscellaneous to Goodwill.

3 grocery bags of ratty clothes to recycling.

Consignment stuff (not many items) still on deck. I need to scan and delint, etc.

ETA: closer inspection pushes most of the possible consignment items to Goodwill denotation pile. Small stains or spots being the most common issue (small as in less than 2mm).


The rest of the excess baby clothes are donated :dizzy:


Inspired by a new set of clothes for Goodwill, I pulled some more clothes I had some sentimental attachment too, and filled a garbage bag with clothes and took it to Goodwill.

Given how many clothes I have gotten rid of, you would think there are none left! Au contraire!


Took 1/2 the potato bag of books, 3 paper bins to the dump this morning. One more paper bin is full, the potato bag has more books in it that are old reference materials. Heavy suckers.

The shred box is about 1/2 full again.

I have gotten through 3 walls of our bedroom. ✓Need to do in front of the bookcases and the room should be done, although no doubt I’ll find one or two more boxes to go through. I’ve done that at least twice now…


Not a lot but considering how long I keep stuff it is a big deal!

Threw out one stained tank top (it really had to go, not even yard work worthy); one pair of running shoes I wore at the mud girl run and are pretty much done, and a pair of flip flop sliders that are so worn there are holes at the bottom (they lasted for 15 years, I think I got my money’s worth!).

Also got SO to put away the painting stuff that has been sitting on the bench for 2.5 months.


Spouse watched an episode of “Hoarders” and finally got rid of some things. I took several small bags of old socks to recycling, along with 3 pairs of jeans.

He donated lots of books for the Planned Parenthood book sale.

It’s a start.

I have pulled a few more things for Goodwill, I am trying to pull out things as I notice them, rather specifically trying to find things and missing spots and caches.


Well the cute rubber boots finally bit the dust. One heel had totally come apart from the rest of the boot, so now I know why my foot was wet one day. I think they were at the 13-15 year age too.

I sadly tossed them out. However, I now pulled the fancy rubber boots out that SO bought me for Christmas years ago. I was going to buy another $20-$30 pair but reality is I should just wear the fancy ones and use them instead of keeping them in the closet for special occasions.


Especially because plastic and adhesive degrades just over time. Your fancy ones will break down whether you use them or not- may as well enjoy them.


I have started on the deep bookcase in our bedroom.

✓Removed the shelf of books about books (thought I’d gotten them all outta there already?) and quoted a few to my last customer.

✓Pulled the cases off the top, cleaned it. ✓Cleaned the side and the wall where there was a gap. (We used to store rolled up artwork in the made “niche”.) So, I’ve cleaned effectively, the wall, the ceiling, the top and one shelf of 6 or so. Need to ✓remove the rest of it, ✓clean shelves/case. ✓Move case over. ✓Replace everything. DH gets an empty shelf – lucky guy!


I can’t find the floor in my study :sob: i have to clean it. I’m procrastinating on it by doing work. It’s that bad.


On my quest to make life easier/nicer before bub comes, I spent money haha. Specifically to clear our kitchen counters more. Things I did:

Cleared a spot in a cupboard for the kettle we don’t use as often anymore. This one was free obviously.
Bought an under cupboard paper towel dispenser.
Bought a magnetic fridge bar with hooks so we can move our utensils from a utensil cup to hanging from the fridge next to that spot
Bought a two tier fruit stand thing to replace the little basket we use for bread. I’ll put bread on the top and fruit on the bottom, since right now fruit just ends up sitting in front of the basket and getting in the way.

There’s still a ton of shit that lives on our counters but hopefully this will give us extra work space and easier cleaning :crossed_fingers:


I’ve been slowly but steadily decluttering - over the past couple months have gotten rid of 60+ items on my work’s freecycle slack channel! Some have been small (like partially used household cleaners) while others have been big, both physically and emotionally. Just yesterday I got rid of a backpacking pack and other backpacking supplies that led to a train of injuries, and it feels SO GOOD to have those out of the house. I’ve decided I’d rather pursue my other hobbies instead of backpacking, and getting rid of this stuff makes space for so much else.


At lunch time today I packed up a box of old puzzles and outgrown board games. I packed a second box of games that I think the school can use.


I threw out some makeup and skincare stuff that was either almost gone or I just didn’t use.


I went through four boxes from the garage that were labeled things like “décor” and “shelves” and never unpacked from our move 20 months ago. I whittled it down to one box. The rest was either put into use or sent off to donations.

Been cleaning out and organizing the garage in general and it’s not done but it’s getting close and damn, it’s amazing to have space!

Things are being whittled down and rearranged in the bedroom, too. I don’t want to look for a job, I just want to do this.


This is my next project. I’m setting a “no buy for the rest of the year” for skincare, starting now. I want to clear at least one of these shelves off for Ravioli’s stuff. The perfume and sunscreen will stay, but I need to use up the other bottles or part ways with them.


Went through my t-shirt drawers and got both of them down to the stuff I actually wear, plus now I can open and close them easily. The ones I’m getting rid of aren’t gone yet, but they’re in the Jeep to go to a donation bin.


Organized the seed stash. This year, I knew I had mostly old seed, so I made a point of using up whatever I had. The tiny amount I have left is organized. I will buy more, but early this spring we were broke and so it was an easy call to just decide we’d grow what I had seeds for and if I didn’t have it? Well, we didn’t need it!


A major white elephant sale is coming next month. Every year, we get mostly outerwear from this sale. I need to get thru the closets and cull the excess in anticipation.

Never know what you’ll find! Usually, the stuff is sold by the trashbag lot and it’s pay what you can. For years, I kept my BIL and SIL in sweaters.


Double bean soup w/ pork broth and veggies for lunch. Veggie stir fry for dinner.

Went to the farm, paid for the fall CSA, they won’t have onions for me to braid this year, darn! That means I have to find large bags. Last year the bulk farm didn’t have the bought-in onions I’d always bought, but it wasn’t a problem because the CSA farm had sold me 2 bu of onions with tops and I had 2 strings hanging in the kitchen to use up – and did! I ran out just before or after Thanksgiving I think. Since then, I’ve been buying them in small lots. Not my fave.

Next step is to ✓write the woman who runs the bulk farm’s stand and see if she intends to have bulk onions for sale? If she does, then it’s another trip there. If not, I need to research where else I can find them.

*SORRY! Put this in the wrong place. Me bad. :frowning: *