Decluttering discussion thread: share your wins, ask for advice, inspire each other!

I have a storage RV 75 miles away in my summer spot. It was the one I was living in before one too many things went wrong with it and I bought the one I live in now. When I was up there a few days ago I realized that one of the windows is shattered. Not like someone was trying to get in, more like the manager blew a rock into it blowing leaves. It has happened before and he fixed it. This time he did put plastic over it when I asked but is denying all responsibility…

I went up yesterday and moved all the boxes of yarn that were blocking the window are to my storage unit. I also brought home some things to donate, and a big box of my papers. A lot of my stuff just got stashed in that RV when I changed over, and then a lot of Mom’s stuff was shoved on top when we cleared out her RV to sell after she passed. I still can’t find my passport, but I digress…

So, today is clear out all the stacks of paper here at home, shredding most of it. Then wiping down the donations things and taking them, then going through the winter tops I also brought back as that RV also stores my off season clothes.

I swear I will get down to just the storage unit and this RV. I was planning to clear out the storage RV anyway, but this speeds up the timeline. Sorry for writing an essay, but I need all the motivation I can get right now.


Sounds like you’re going great!

Since my BN here seems to be run by Qanon, etc. I don’t use it. I do have places I take things: supermarket: plastic bags, drug store: expired drugs, food pantry box: food, local church thrift shop clothing store: better clothes, SA clothes donation box at the dump: other clothes, dump’s swap shop: misc. other items including cleaning supplies, antique store: cardboard cartons/packing materials… and of course books go to the dump’s swap table, bookstores, and are recycled, as appropriate.

BN or freecycle would be better I suppose, but I also stopped trying to use freecycle to cull items when I got yelled at by someone that the rose bushes I was giving them weren’t big enough! :roll_eyes:


Got rid of two tarot decks, a ton of rocks/crystals, some essential oils, and half of my spell candles.

A friend on facebook posted a meme about needing a sugar witch (like a sugar daddy, but providing witch supplies.)

I decided to help her manifestation work and I would clear out a few things. It was hard though. I hung onto some spell candles and some essential oils even though I RARELY touch them.


I’ve cleared a bunch of empty cardboard boxes out of the garage in the last couple of weeks. Almost all of the ones I’d saved over the last two and a half years. Also managed to put some stuff in the skip (which the landlord has still left there), and scoped out a safe place to do some donating too.

Slow progress, but definitely progress, for sure.


Go you!


It’s amazing how freeing it feels. Even though they were empty, they took up so much visual space, and of course were a reminder. It feels great to be getting them gone! :slight_smile:

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Friend said her daughter likes nail polish. I told her I’d give her a few…

Doesn’t even make dent in what I have left…
I’m trying to be a wish fairy whenever someone puts out into the world something they want. Because I have too much, and can certainly share.


You are doing some excellent mitzvahs.


At lunch today I found all the scouting bits and pieces that I have stored throughout the house (extra neckers, extra group badges, extra plaques, apple day kits, etc) and packed everything up into Girl Guide Cookie Boxes (they are very handy, suitcase sized) so that I can take them to Scouts tonight and leave them in our storage at the school.


Got all of my husband’s camera equipment boxes from the past 20 years into the recycling bin.

He has always kept boxes “in case he will resell”. He has never resold anything. He now thinks his gear is relatively worthless because everything has moved on to mirrorless anyway.

Am now worried though that he is going to want to replace all the DSLR stuff with mirrorless.


Sent a bunch of work swag to a work group that will appreciate it. 2 bags worth of stuff.

Dropped off 2 full dentist goodie bags of 15 toothbrushes and gum picks to the food bank.


Tomorrow’s plan is to actually and finally take some items to a charity shop (thrift store). I’ve scoped out the place, and the items. Just need to do the thing. So far I’ve only been getting rid of empty boxes, and putting broken stuff from the garage into the skip, so actually letting things go is the next phase. Deep breath in. I need my home back.


Okay. So this trip to the charity shop didn’t happen. I didn’t sleep well at all, felt lousy, and just, yeah.
However, I did clear another metric heck-ton of cardboard boxes. And again enjoyed throwing them into the skip. Am going to finish that job in total, and then begin a proper prep for the thrift store.


Yesterday I cared for my cousin’s 7 month old for several hours. His socks kept falling off. I pulled out of my baby gear bucket (keep in mind, my youngest is 11) two pairs of robeez shoes. I told her on pick up that I had put the robeez on him to keep the socks on, and she was very excited because she doesn’t currently have shoes that fit him.

I sent her home with the shoes.

I need to purge the baby gear. (she drops him off with just a diaper bag. I have a playpen, swing, highchair, toys, blankets, burp cloths, bowls & bibs,and pretty much everything I need / want. Again, my youngest is 11 and this is the first baby to spend regular time at my house since him)


Visiting houses equipped properly is so much better


We cleared out 6 walmart bags of clothes, one of books, 2 pairs of shoes, the pregnancy U pillow…. And a few odds and ends. The places where that stuff was piled up are so much better. And relocated some toy clutter out of the living room (I am sure it will return).

We almost shampooed the living room rug.


And to be fair I want it to be easy for her to bring him here. But, maybe I don’t need a snowsuit and hat and shoes etc. Maybe those would be better just given to her.


Tossed out 2 inhalers dated 2016, some pms cramping meds from 2012, and another undated pack of meds.

Debating on the expired 2019 cough syrup but with the shortages I figure I should hold on the them just in case.


Setting up eldest kid in her own place after a breakup means that she wil be taking the kitchen table that I was going to sell, a spare dresser that I was going to sell, and a bedframe that I really didn’t know what to do with (we don’t need it but it’s solid wood not particle board and was my mom’s then mine then eldest kid’s).

I also have a stash of dishes that she didn’t want when she moved in with her boyfriend several years ago that can go with her. And probably a few other things.

I definitely squirrel things away for later and I really am trying to work on that.