Decluttering discussion thread: share your wins, ask for advice, inspire each other!

That is my kind of decluttering! :grin::grin:

And tortuga rum cake, you say? Maybe I know this soon to be wedded couple, I’m sure my invitation is around here somewhere… :crazy_face::laughing:


God dammit child let me change things :joy: she put the old hamper back. Called it.

ETA and also pulled all the laundry out. Naturally.


Oh to be clear the wall is not drawn on, that’s paper that I put up there. It’s a height chart/artistic free zone.


SO and I tackled our closets today. Being fairly ruthless and none judgemental(I started to get a bit soft so I knew it was time for me to pack it in for the day), we have 3 huge garbage bags of clothes to donate, one huge garbage bag of garbage for worn out stuff, and a huge bag of hangers to be donated. A few other things made it to the donation pile too.

I still have a ridiculous amount of clothing left over. Of course some stuff I was a little sad that I got rid of, but if I slim down a bit I can always get replacements when needed.


You must be so proud of this, it’s truly hard work. Good on you for following your own emotional cues about when to wind down for the day. After many past closet clean outs, I think I’ve only regretted passing on one item. One out of hundreds, surely. I hope the same odds are true for you!


Ok one more win- I have been accumulating stuff I will never use from various golf tournaments this year. For example, a kids’ super soaker set, a worklight set, etc. I also had a few items sitting in the basement never used (soaker hose, cheesecake pan, etc). Because I know the general manager of the local Canadian Tire store I politely asked if I could return all these items to their store and get an in store credit because I have no receipts. He said yes!

Did the returns today and got a $147 gift card for future purchases. Well I did buy one thing, which is a replacement screen kit for my patio sliding door.

We also took all the clothing and more donations to the donation centre today. SO added even more to the pile with 4 pairs of shoes. It felt really good dropping it all off.


I just packed 10kg of clothing into a box and paid for recycling. That will go out the door this week!

Then I took photos of 2 maternity tops and some baby bottles and posted them on a parenting/kids buy-nothing.

THEN I posted our baby carrier to our local buy-nothing.

Wins! Now to wait for interested people to show up :crossed_fingers:

I also have a selection of clothing to photograph and post to local buy nothing. If no takers, I will recycle that lot next month.


So I just did a really emotionally difficult thing. I have been thinking about it for a while, and finally did it. I took down a picture of my dog that passed away 13 years ago. The picture is from when she was a year old. It has sat in the same spot for 20 years. I am donating the frame, and I put the picture aside for my photo albums.

Crazy, isn’t it, how difficult these little things are. I still have 2 pictures of her with me on the wall from when she was a puppy.

Th other difficult thing I am not sure what to do is her ashes. Because she was so big I have 2 urns, one on the fireplace mantle and one upstairs. I would rather manage this now. I was thinking of planting her in the back yard with some nice flowers. I also have one of my previous cat’s ashes on the mantle too which I think is time for him to be buried too, they passed within 4 months of each other so that was a hard year!

Anyways, some hard decisions. How have others dealt with this?


My childhood dog and our last pup are on our bookshelves upstairs. So, no, haven’t done anything about this yet :cry: so hard to know how to approach it.


Proud of myself. Auction ending today was 1.5 hours away. DH convinced me I really didn’t need a steam mop and that renting a Rug Doctor once would be cheaper than what I’d bid and we’d still have the object…

And that meant, to me, that bidding on a pair of binoculars, to replace a not great pair we have, wasn’t worth the drive with our not-so great shape (mechanically) cars… so I bid on NOTHING and walked away.

There are various pieces in upcoming auctions I’m interested in. Many are lots where I want 1 hard to find piece and the rest I don’t care about. Some of the pieces I’m watching are pieces my ND neighbor would like, she has some of it already and I was thinking it would be cheap Christmas fodder. And there’s various other odds & ends: a pizza stone, a blow up single mattress, etc. But those auctions are in the next few days/weeks. I only bid on the last day.

I told DH we needed to find a new place for the battery storage and he found a temporary solution, but it’s a solution. Got the 3 drawer metal unit off the kitchen counter/island. Hurrah!


Today i caught up on all the crap from having houseguests - things from my study that were in the bedroom, laundry and finding homes for extra sheets. Unpacking and putting away the last three items in a million bags…


I’ve planted fruit bearing plants and fruit trees with my pets. A couple years ago my son and I were discussing maybe selling the house, and how it would feel to leave them behind was a topic for a while. I do love that I think of my first cat when I pick plums :slight_smile:

I also have flowering plants in remembrance of

child death

organ procurement children I’ve worked with - we always have photos and stories about them and I needed a way to process that didn’t violate ethics or HIPAA

so I’m in clear favor of the idea of planting something :slight_smile:


Htbf went through his closet and is giving this pile the boot. Bonus victory, he thought he needed more pants, but after going through all his drawers he discovered he actually has too many pants.


Thats great! When Ponder did the same, we discovered he has no pants :grimacing:


Returned a roll of window cling to Home Depot and ended up getting a new carpet for the entrance way to replace the beat up one I have been procrastinating replacing. Gifted a string of Edison lights to a friend since I will never use them. A set of coasters went to the small donate pile. (I think I have 3 more that may have to disappear too? How many coaster sets do we need?!)

Reviewing some cookbooks that I have never used for them to most likely leave the house too.

Edit to add- yup, 5 cookbooks and 3 booklets are leaving.


Spent some time on the decluttering today.

Party favour shot glass from my sisters wedding
2 bottles of bbq sauce we don’t like
5 packages of bbq sauce from chicken strips that we one day would use
Soda stream bubbly drops which have been open for way too long

Donate pile:
Brand new still in box pink steel toed shoes (I won these at a tournament). I still have an old pair of steel toed shoes that I don’t know if I will ever need, just keeping around just in case)
Coupons with no expiry date for products I don’t use - the food bank can use them
A pair of wall mount display cubes I will not use

Relocated 2 serving plates to the basement since they are only used once a year if that. Aka stuff to go in a few more rounds

I’m confident that there is much more to go!

I’m also contemplating putting together a bunch or work branded stuff and posting it for free on our work buy sell site for free. I’m lucky(ish) that I get a lot of this stuff, and I’m sure someone else may appreciate since I don’t want it. And if not, that’s ok!

ETA: to donate:
4 more picture frames, a laundry wash bag, and a purse


My pantry has become a disaster. Talk to me about your fave pantry bins. I’m thinking we need bins for all the loose snack food bc it’s driving me fucking wild to have little bags all over. I had snack bins initially, too, but they’re too small for things like chips so the snacks just spread all over.


Do you just want to put the bags in a bin or do you want to dump the snacks into a container?

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The former!


How big?

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