Critical Role Campaign 3 Watch Thread

Here we go you guys!!! I am so happy right now. My heart!!!

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Dear Matt. I love you. Sincerely. Rodeo

is there a significance?

significance to what?

Oh, yes, he comes up in Campaign 1, important figure.

Laura - southern accent, young, long light purple hair, Imogen, Sorcerer, shy, light blue dress, uncomfortable, Human!!!

Marisha - British accent?, youngish, warlock/sorcerer, skin pale, thin, gaunt, dead rat with a bird skull on the belt, race? Laudna

Are you guys twitch streamers now? Am I using words right? G has to work and the lil lion has separation anxiety, so I am holding onto the tantrum sleep. I will try to watch either this or love is blind Brazil in an hour or so

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I’m in. Let’s go.

laura is such a godo actress it is ridic.

brb gonna shower with my waterproof headphones on

have fun!!!


This set you guys!!!

damn matt’s accent is really good. The slight south asian accent is well done. he drops it somestimes, but usually aces it

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Just like marisha, always creeping on the children

It’s a stream video/podcast of a dnd story! :slight_smile:

its so so so good.

her acting is so much better.

I think Keyleth just wasn’t her niche, she was way better as Beau, and I love this character as well!

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oooooh. Genasi