Critical Role Campaign 3 Watch Thread

So what’s this dungeons and dragons nonsense that people are rambling about in journals? Ogres and demons and dragons and elves?

Maybe you want to learn a little more but…

  • think it’s not your cup of tea
  • don’t have the time to invest
  • are like, super cool and above all that

FINE. Maybe true. But do you really want to leave this experience unlived? Don’t you want just a little peak at what it means to live in a fantasy world full of magic and adventure? Fortunately for you, 7 of the gaming industry’s top voice actors are starting a new story tonight.

And you can watch it with us!! Here’s the thing. It’s a watch party. There will be massive spoilers. So that leaves us to…


  1. When each episode drops, there will be a massive colorful gif and sign saying “SPOILER ALERT - EPISODE X”, so you know not to scroll past that if you haven’t yet seen, well, Episode X.

  2. If you are a Critter, please introduce yourselves. The rest of you are free to lurk and lust.

  3. There are no other rules. Eat, drink, and be merry.

@Rodeo, do you mind assisting us with the first post when the episode drops tonight?


10/21 7PM PT, 10PM ET


Tagging some DnDer folk



GET HYPE FOLKS!!! 4 minutes till C3 E1!!!

Hello folks, HUGE CRITTER!!! Tattoos and merch and so so so much lore knowledge and love <3
I am so nerdy excited for tonight!


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I will be 30 mins late but I will be there

I love Sam’s ads so much <3 <3

Episode 1 dropped!

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Oops, sorry, I was slow on this one. LOL.

As a marketer I am super into this first ad

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omg so many spittakes. this is hilarious

can’t breathe. Loves me some MEM

For the record everyone, my husband just looked up in surprise from his desk and out the window.

“Do you… do you hear @Rodeo laughing?”


LOL, tell MrM I love him.

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I wish I could work for the Critical Role Foundation…


I was just thinking the same. How fucking cool that their role playing game just became this huge empire

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HURRY UP!!! I want to know classes and races people!!! Let’s gooooooo

OH. Liam. I love you Liam. It’s been awhile. Mraow

I love Liam too!! Team Liam.

The hoodies are pretty rad.

Wanna get matching hoodie dresses

@Meowkins I want that hoodie