COVID-19 and Isolation for Business Owners

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@Bracken_Joy what state is he? OR? I’ll keep my eyes peeled. Right now I’ve only heard of assistance grants in the district, but I imagine other states will be rolling out similar programs.

There’s also been talk here of things like: landlords being flexible on rent, sales tax relief for retail businesses, flexible utility bill payment for businesses, etc. All things to look into for those who use a physical location and have that overhead.


Oregon, yep. Although info for Cali would be helpful for a friend from the Other Forum.


Ptf. Both clinics I usually work at closed yesterday, and my professional org advised us to only treat on an emergency and essential basis. Many of my peers are closing businesses or out of work. Most didn’t register for ei and pay in


Making sure to lay employees off so that they can get unemployment is key.

Some businesses have umbrella policies or specifically “business interruption insurance” which can, if the gov’t has enforced rules to stop business operations (Civil Authority Ingress / Egress), may be covered.

Okay: Emergency Income Recovery Loan (designed specifically to help members with a verified loss of income qualify for a 0% short-term loan) are being offered by my credit union Rivermark (portland based). I suspect others will have more business focused ones.

Paypal is offering extremely low interest loans, and AmEx has lines of credit available as well, low-interest.


Just saw this advertised on my county’s public health twitter:


@SBAgov Economic Injury Disaster Loans are now available for #smallbiz in parts of #WAstate, #Oregon and #Idaho suffering substantial economic injury as a result of #COVID19. More info

Don’t know anything about it but it sounds like it could be helpful.


Thank you!

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