conscious spending plan july (lol thank u ramit)

i’ve been spending a lot on stuff i dont at all need, and feeling not great about it, so i’m locking it down for july. care to join me?

specifically, i’m not purchasing anything in these categories:

  • clothes/shoes
  • bags
  • makeup/skincare
  • books
  • classes
  • art supplies
  • cute shit for my house

these are my trouble categories so i’m abstaining for this month. but if i want to go to the movies with a friend, or a buy a gift, or donate to mutual aid, that’s fine.

anyone else want to get in on this?


I would join but I don’t wanna. ;p

I have a vacation this month so I’m going to do some mindless spending with no regrets. Can I join you with some blackout dates?


of course, sweet smacky. you have dispensation to do whatever you want!

some things i didn’t buy today but kinda wanted to:

  • a striped dress (i unsubscribed from the email that tried to sell it to me)
  • a cute body suit (ughhh they offered me so much money off but with god as my witness, i already have more clothes than i can wear in a month!)
  • new underwear on sale from my favorite brand (i could use these, but definitely don’t need new ones within the next month)
  • a pretty little bum bag with the rare belt long enough for me (nice, but i already have one!)

unsubscribing from emails is going to be key to my success in this challenge. also, i’ve started looking at instagram through the browser on my phone which means NO ADS.


I’m in! An unexpected $900 flight change fee means I’m already over budget this month. When I have some time to think I need to spell out which categories are being nixed for the month.


For me the hard part is not getting take out whenever I feel like. My impulse control around convenient, tasty food is basically non-existent. So here’s my rules:

  • only buy stuff I legitimately need. No silly shit.
  • take out twice a week
  • go out for coffee once a week
  • there is food at home, stop it.

I’m in. Trying to be mindful about each purchase. Turning treats into treats instead of habit is maybe the goal here. E.g. today went to the cafe, but instead of driving walked in the rain with the kids and the entire thing was An Adventure.


ughhhh they cancelled the beyoncé show in pittsburgh! :persevere: i cried real tears.

but then i just bought tickets for detroit. much better seats, much more expensive. plus a hotel which is double the normal price but is at least walking distance from the venue.

so now my no spend month is about funding this trip more than “saving” “money.”


Madgey. I consciously uncoupled ubereats from my life and my phone. This is what I can do. Or maybe too much.

It is 1037 and I want ubereats


have u considered doordash?

i’m sorry, i’m not helping am i :confounded:


SoUNDS delicious. I had a shower and after my yucky ultrasound I will maybe get takeout and definitely get groceries.


Yesterday I paid a troupe of children for their renovation labour with fast food. It came to $50. Is that a business expense or take out?


Business lunch


This week I had takeout ONCE (plus the business lunch and some fries when I was in the middle of work and needed calories or I would die).

I’m the king of the world!


I did good about this but then have spent wildly on stuff for the house. Consciously bought fancy new saucepans and frypan for Duckling and induction, and colour perfect computer monitors. Consciously spent on accommodation while visiting my grandparents. Also on organisation rail things for the laundry and a washing line big enough to dry sheets.

Sadly for Ramit i will now be writing a spending plan with actual numbers.


@ladyduck that almost sounds like … a budget?? how dare you :joy:

i had a not very spendy weekend. on saturday i harvested a MILLION snapdragons from my garden patch, which brought me immense joy, and i went swimming with my friend at her apartment complex’s pool. yesterday i did laundry and art and watched some skincare videos on youtube but i did NOT buy any of the products discussed. i have enough skincare for the amount of skin i am in charge of.

also a robe that i preordered a month or so ago arrived, and i have barely taken it off since then. i was never much of a robe girl, because it has always been so hard to find cute plus size robes. now that there is a company dedicated to exactly that, robes have become a major staple of my wardrobe. but i probably have enough for now, at least for this month!


Today I forgot the grocery list and so bought everything at the store that sparked joy.
Olives, crackers, ice cream, nectarines, cherries, avocado, crab legs, and a new plunger.
I don’t need a new plunger. I own more plungers than toilets. But this one sparked joy.

I have failed you, Madgey. I was led astray by a plunger.


nothing you could ever do would be a failure to me. i think a new plunger that you like better than the ones you already have sounds delightful! i mean, if you are in the position of needing a plunger, it may as well be one you like!

this reminds me, we have zero plungers and should probably get one.

in other news, i have been going to work and people-ing so much all week that i haven’t had any time to spend money. i guess this is good.

plus my company’s stock is on a tiny bit of a run and i just barely crossed over a net worth threshold and i don’t want to stupid-spend my way under it again so i guess i will be continuing to play with the toys i already have.


Yesterday I spent on ant stuff and today I need to spend on cleaning supplies and this does not spark joy.


Sounds conscious to me.


I went for a long-for-me walk and my exercise budget spending plan paid for a picnic for the family from the cafe. Very conscious.