Challenge: Put out the Dumpster Fire December 🧯🔥🗓

Annnnddd the final challenge of the absolute sh*tshow that has been 2020 is:

Put out the Dumpster Fire December and will run from December 1 to December 31.

The goal for Put Out The Dumpster Fire December is to clear out those lingering tasks that you thought you would get done in 2020 (before 2020 turned into the giant mess that it is). You must declare them and try to get them done before the end of the year.

You can also choose to “extinguish” the task and guilt-free ditch any resolutions or goals that simply couldn’t or didn’t happen this year. Surviving 2020 is the only real goal you need!

Examples of Put Out The Dumpster Fire December tasks:

  • Call up a friend that you haven’t checked in with much this year
  • Cancel recurring subscriptions that you don’t use
  • Finally get a “hit by a bus” folder together (find a checklist in A Cat’s Guide to Money )
  • Calling up your phone or cable company and negotiating a new rate
  • Finally set up an IRA and autodeposit
  • Move over to a new budgeting or tracking system
  • Call your credit card company and move to a no-fee card
  • Organize and categorize your stash of yarn or fabric before you rebuy things you don’t need
  • Eat down your pantry
  • Call your student loan providers and get the paperwork moving for loan rehabilitation, IBR, or PSLF
  • Setting up a new 401K savings rate before the new year
  • Fix that problem with escrow that’s been going on for years
  • Figure out sinking fund amounts based on previous year averages for categories
  • Listing or donating clothes or electronics you’re ready to pass on
  • Set up or clear out monthly donations, or maybe even join the OMD Purrsonal Finance Societyy (cheeky plug there)
  • Be creative!

It will have a special forum badge and even a STICKER for people that complete the whole month, that will be cat themed.

Basic rules:

  1. You must establish your own rules about what you are trying to accomplish as your Dumpster Fire December task(s) this month. State them in the first week of the month to get us kicked off.
  2. Each Sunday (starting December 6th) YOUR Local Time, you will report how you did on your challenge for the week on this thread . You can report on where you’re at, and what your biggest challenge and victories of the week were. Then, you’ll put your predictions/goals down for the week ahead.

Who This Challenge is For

  • Anyone who wants a little public accountability and discussion about their goals on a weekly basis.

What do you get out of participating?

  • Deep Satisfaction of working on those tasks that hang over your head and not bringing them into a new year
  • A community to support you as you get sh*t done
  • A CUTE forum badge for participating in the weekly check-ins
  • And if you do all 4 week check-ins, you get a STICKER mailed to you. I have only printed these for this challenge.

If you’re in to participate (or on the fence and need encouragement), comment below with your tasks for Put Out The Dumpster Fire December.


Oh lol I had just asked if we could do basically this in your thread. I guess the answer is yes? :stuck_out_tongue:


hahaha. great minds think alike!

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Omg. I need this. I’ll work on my “what’s” soon.


Definitely in, have two items on the list now but need to take a look around and see what else should be there.

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My goal is to finish my damn floors.

I got all the materials back in like… August? September?

I’m almost done with the lower floor, hoping to finish tomorrow. The hardest part of finishing that up is getting stuff moved.

Then if I can get 1 room done each weekend of December, I’ll be finished.

Remaining rooms:

  • Upstairs hallway
  • Master bedroom
  • 2 smaller bedrooms

I am not requiring completion of trim or any painting though that would be a bonus.

I’m not 100% sure I’ll manage to finish but it’s possible!


I need to do a bunch of car maintenance/snow tires/inspection/registration. Technically some of that isn’t an old task, but given I’m going to do it in a pandemic where I don’t really want a ride from the store or to wait in the waiting room I think it’ll be challenging enough.

Also I’d like to make curtains for my living room. I’ve wanted to do that since like February.


There are many dumpsters in my life right now, some more on fire than others. For this challenge I will focus on setting up our entryway/front closet for winter:

  • Find an appropriate number of hats/mittens/scarves for me and husband and find a good place to keep them accessible but organized
  • Remove non-winter shoes from boot tray
  • Put away lightweight coats that are too cold for winter

This may not seem like a big deal but we’re already running into issues with not being able to locate a pair of gloves or mittens when it’s time to leave for something.


I’m in and will come back and update when I’ve decided what I can realistically tackle and what just needs to go.


Get my “for sale” stuff out of my apartment by Dec 31st or put on Buy Nothing. Will need to list on more sites.
Inventory all of my craft stuff.
Finally learn how to meal plan.
Take apart fans, clean blades, store in garbage bags.


I will be back with a list once I finish rummaging in the dumpster.

Then we set the remainder on fire. Woosh! :fire:


To start, I know I need to

  • schedule an appointment with my dr to discuss next steps for my knee
  • make sure I’m up to date on my benefits claims
  • max out rrsp/pre-set the regular rrsp contribution beyond the amount work matches
  • get my rrsp in QT out of cash and buy some ETFs already
  • seam my lariat sweater

I like this challenge. Since I’m not doing much in my current job but will be starting a new job in early February I need to figure out what domestic stuff I can kind of prep now. Food prep but also cleaning out random corners and … other stuff? I dunno.


One thing I will definitely ditch this year: cleaning out the storage unit. Been saying we need to do that for 10 years, and 2020 is not the fucking year. Going to quit feeling guilty about that.

Aside from that, I really don’t remember anything that I might have intended to do with the beginning of this year. Who was that person at the beginning of this year?

Oh, wait, one was to get my student loans forgiven under PSLF. I’ve done all of my parts, so it’s just a matter of whether the feds get their act together in December or not. But I’ll check with them regularly, and Maybe.

I’ll think about it and Report back with some goals.



-get daughter her new violin unless we strike out at the first vendor or two (in which case we’ll run out of time)

-get garden fully put to bed for winter. Mainly what’s left is chopping up stuff for compost and cutting the raspberry patches to the ground.

-get kiddo chore routines re-established (dishes, cleaning, at least some cooking)

Those are my big ones but maybe I’ll think of others.


Okay. Goal list:

  • make an appointment with my doctor. Get labs done. Figure out why my menstrual cycle is making me get very dizzy.
  • discuss with the people who will be the guardian to our daughter if something happens to both SirB and I, and see if they’re game.
  • get a will made
  • read 3 more books

Oh and I’ll give myself an easy win: make it to 2 years without drinking. (End of December)


I’m in, I have to check my Bingo card and see what I got left and anything else I was hoping to do/finish up this year. Here’s a couple things off the top of my head:

  • Finish calculationg 2020 spending
  • Finish up any half read books
  • Close one of my checking accounts


  1. Finish the shredding I started and glance at occasionally - this includes purging the filing cabinets more
  2. Donation/ dump run I keep thinking about
  3. Organize, sort and drop off all ticket stubs for framing project

To be added to!


I’ve been able to check off a few goals this year but here’s what I have left:

  • Keep Duolingo streak unbroken (554 days and counting!)

  • Drop off bag of donated clothes at Goodwill

  • Clean off that giant black metal shelving rack and get rid of the shit I don’t need (I’m looking at you, old textbooks and CPA exam study books)

  • Pay off my no-interest promo credit card with my ot/vac payout check in December. That’ll save me $70/month.

  • Continue to put $60 per paycheck into HSA

  • Contribute $1,200 to tIRA ($1,070 so far)

  • Contribute $500 to Roth IRA ($460 so far)

  • IF we get that bonus at year end and I have enough money after taxes, I will pay off the loan for the car trailer. That’ll save me $80/month.


Dealing with this disaster:

This is my office closet. It is an unholy mess. I have intended to organize it for many months. It mostly contains packing/mailing materials which I was going to recycle or give away except I was just informed I’m getting a new work Mac in the next couple months and no one knows the procedure for returning the old one. I hesitate to dump all of this if I am going to be responsible for shipping a $3k piece of equipment.

So I think at this point I just need to organize it all better? Ugh.