Can we talk bras?

I need new ones. And probably a larger size, as I have gained quite a bit of weight since I last purchased. Need good support (DDD or maybe even larger at this point) and preferably something comfortable. Would prefer to ditch the underwires but avoid uniboob. Have you tried any of the on-line brands like Thirdlove, True, etc? I almost ordered from True earlier this week but then read through the reviews and there were lots of complaints about the band curling up on itself–not something I will tolerate in a $50-60 bra.


Third love was too wide set for my shoulders, but many bras do. The nice thing is their returns are really easy, and truly free. Lots of discount codes out there though, from podcasts and such. No harm in trying.

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My go to is Goddess brand, especially the Keira and Kayla, as I am a size that is difficult to find even at specialty stores. Those bras definitely have an underwire, but I find the silky/mesh fabric not too obnoxious for my sensory needs. They do have sans-underwires variants of some styles but I wasn’t a fan - I definitely needed the extra support from the wire.

I do have one of the newer Target line Auden bras, specifically the plus size everyday molded cup with underwire. I am in a weird sister size to be able to wear anything in their size ranges so the underwire does not fit as it should but it is the only t-shirt bra I own and it’s really soft.

Also, obligatory plug for ABraThatFits’s calculator for sizing/resizing. The subreddit it originates from has lots of searchable posts on fitting and various brands so you might find some other feedback there.


Love r/abrathatfits too.

I buy bras very rarely and then wear them into the ground. I find it very helpful to know certain things that I like or need out of a bra – for example, my boobs are wide-set enough that I need a pretty wide center gore; if the underwires meet in front, the bra will never fit right. It makes it easier when I do my shopping escapades.

The fact that ThirdLove returns are truly free is very interesting to me – I may look into that. I have got some new sports bras in February but all my regular bras are dead and I’d like a few new regular pairs, too.

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Also love that subreddit. The info on lower versus upper pole fullness was a game changer for me. Explained why, in full coverage bras, neither large nor small cups fit me well. I spill out of one, but then move up a side and have gapping at the top. Now I do Demi’s and balconettes (when not nursing lol) and it’s been amazing.

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I guess I have to be the dissenting voice. I love the idea of r/abrathatfits but actually spent a lot of time and energy on it and I don’t feel like I ever got any closer to bras that fit.

And now that I’m working from home 100% of the time, I’m especially aware of how awful all my bras are. So I’d be really interested in what specific resources on that sub are most helpful for people. My partner and I even spent a bunch of time trying to make sense of the shapes for not much luck. My fav bra right now is a wireless bra by Chantelle that comes in S/M/L and the Nordstrom lady suggested using a M even though the size chart would have put me in a S and she was right I think! I should be a 30DDD or 32 DD but basically nothing is great.

It reminds me of my wavy/curly hair ‘journey’ which basically only meant I spent a bunch of money on hair care stuff that doesn’t do what I was hoping it did and became more frustrated with my wavy hair than I was before!


I found the calculator handy back in the day. I also find the discussions helpful – getting a real idea of why a bra fits the way it does, which makes it a lot easier for me to just a look at a bra and get an idea of whether it’ll work. (I’m similar to Bracken_Joy in that learning about lower/upper pole fullness was clutch to me, too). It’s not necessarily a specific post or set of posts, just sort of gathering info over time.


I have been a B/C cup most of my life (D currently due to pregnancy) so generally haven’t had too much trouble finding bras that work. The only struggle is my shoulders are narrow (38cm across) so straps always, always slip off. I prefer bras with light padding so nipples aren’t visible, but not so much that it’s a push-up bra.

  • I don’t like racerbacks, so I pay $10 to a tailor to move the rear attachment points on regular bras inward (yes I could do this myself but they are much neater with it).
  • I have a ThirdLove t-shirt bra I like very much!
  • I accidentally found a great bra at a Target in Hawaii late at night after airline lost luggage. It was a Maidenform and I have since bought a duplicate on eBay.
  • Uniqlo bra tops are surprisingly good. So comfortable, wireless, but shaping much like a wired bra.
  • I keep 2-3 bras in the rotation (+ bra tops) and only shop for new ones when they’re dead (like multiple years), but when I do it helps to try/mail-order lots of options and be prepared to return 90% of them.

I am extremely interested in this topic, realizing now that all my bras are 5 years old and falling apart and stretched out enough that they are constantly falling off my shoulders. I ordered 2 weeks ago a $200+ of bras from Aerie since returns are truly free, and am hoping to review them and then send most, if not all back. I don’t really like American Eagle as a company, but I really struggled to find an ethical solution for bras. The idea would be to find the ones that fit and then put out alerts to get them second hand.

@diapasoun I have the same type of boobs - wide set. I am lucky to be in a “normal” range of size - 34C/32D. One thing that is frustrating to me is that pushup bras actually tend to fit me best (push my boobs together), but unfortunately are the least comfortable of bras generally.

Anyway, I will post my review of Aerie bras here and look forward to folks experience on the bra situations.

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36D here. Although not perfect, I find these in a medium to be fairly comfortable.

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My issue with most of the “ethical” bra companies is they tend to be dominated by unlined cotton bralettes. Due to the way my wardrobe is (mostly very tailored, structured clothing with a specific shape), I need tend to need more padding and shape to my bra.

These are the sports bras I got recently:

I’m a size 32DDD or therabout, wide set boobs with a lot more lower pole boob than upper pole boob. These have been comfy and they seem to keep the girls in place okay. I got size Ms.

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I absolutely love front zipper sports bras, they are my favorite ever because I hate pulling sweaty sports bras off over my head and boobs. I have one front zipper sports bra that is 16 years old and somehow still works (though it went from being high-impact-compression to more like light-aerobic).


I just saw Target is selling front zipper sports bras now - I’d never noticed them there before.

I have a bra-adjacent question - anyone have a good source for cheap bras that can fit a variety of cup sizes? So medium, large, xl instead of number/cup? Also has anyone seen a decent sewing pattern for bras? I can usually find new undergarments at a few thrift stores but have struck out lately.

(Bras and thin maxi pads are the biggest request from encampments near me right now)


Do they need to have a good amount of support? If not, I used to buy these 3 packs of spaghetti strap, adjustable strap sports bras at Walmart. They last forever (I have one that is 12 yrs old), and they are pretty comfy. I feel like they used to be SM, MD, LG but it seems like now they are in band size.

These look nice, and come in SM, MD, LG type sizes

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Thank you! These are both good finds!

I’ve bought versions of that bra… Just make sure it’s the kind with a cup inside for support and coverage.