Budgeting App Judging Challenge - Try Things other than Mint, get stickers

The past two years, I put together a battle for all the many, many budgeting apps out there! Now with Mint shutting down, why not do it again so people can get some stickers while trying out a new app!?

While I’ve tried a ton of them myself, I really want to get perspective from some of the folks in the OMD community try them, too. We put together the Summer of Funds Budgeting App-Lympics These are the videos that came from those

:red_circle: We tried every budgeting app so you don’t have to [2021]


:red_circle: Money and Budgeting with ADHD

I’m updating this all into a blog post for 2024 during December, especially with Mint Shutting down- and I’d love to get your opinions on any budgeting apps that have changed or any new apps that you are using/trying out. If you already use an app regularly and are willing to fill in a form singing its praises or complaining about it, please let us know. If you tried an app and hated, please fill in the form, too! We particularly need people to report back on Monarch, Much App and weekly (iOS only)

If you fill in this google form about any budgeting app - positive or negative, I will use it to :slight_smile:

  1. A big blog post with fun graphics
  2. you get a forum badge as an official App Games Judge
  3. I’ll also send you stickers as a thank you for your help (anywhere in the world)

We will award the apps a Gold :1st_place_medal: Silver :2nd_place_medal: or Bronze :3rd_place_medal:medal.


  • Did I miss an app you want to try/love? Let me know!

The App-thletes :iphone::running_shirt_with_sash:

App/Website Type of App Compatible OSes Other Notes
:sparkles:NEW Much App Budgeting, Goals Web, iOS, Android Free 30-day Trial, Costs after that
Mvelopes Budgeting Web, iOS, Android Free 30-day Trial, Costs after that
Splitwise Splitting expenses Web, iOS, Android Free
Tiller Budgeting and Investing Dashboard Web 30 Day Free Trial, Costs after that, free for students - Must have google account; Runs in Google Sheets
EMPOWER - WAS Personal Capital Budgeting and Investing Dashboard Web, iOS, Android Free; must connect some bank accounts
Honeydue Budgeting app for couples iOS, Android Only testing the free app (not the account) Must have 1 other person to test with
Pear Budget Budgeting Web 30 day free trial, costs after that
Toshl Budgeting Web, iOS, Android 30 day free trial, costs after that
PocketGuard Budgeting iOS, Android Free version - Good for Overspenders
Simplifi Budgeting web, iOS, Android 30 day free trial, costs after that
YNAB Budgeting web, iOS, Android 34 day free trial, free for students, costs after that
Fudget Simple Overview Budgeting iOS, Android $2.99, does not link to bank account
Monarch Money Budgeting and Goals Web, iOS, Android Free plan with Premium Upgrade, Free trial, allows you to budget with a partner
GNUCash Personal Double Entry Bookkeeping Desktop - Linux, Windoze, Mac Free and Open Source
:sparkles:NEW CreditKarma Successor to mint but has no budgeting Web, iOS, Android Free
:sparkles:NEW Weekly Budgeting iOS only Free on mobile, web costs money

Time to lookyloo…

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I use splitwise for trips and like it.

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I used Splitwise for something like 7 years when I had housemates/before Wizard and I combined finances and it was a really fantastic app:

  • Easy to add transactions
  • Easy to split transactions in various ways – percentages, dollar amounts, only 3 of 4 people in this group are splitting this transaction, etc
  • Easy to add basic categories for transactions
  • Easy to create groups so you and your bestie can share dinner costs but you and your housemates can share TP costs
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@anomalily do you need these reviews by a certain date? Still trying to figure out some of the features in much

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Well, Fidelity had a Full View option that was looking pretty good (I was testing it against Mint for most of Nov)…speaking as someone who primarily wants transaction tracking across multiple accounts it sync’d pretty cleanly and the main things missing were the ability to do mass re-categorizations, adding transactions for accounts that don’t sync or that I don’t want to sync, and setting a default view as current month rather than a rolling 30-day window. However, their latest update where they were supposedly going to add features seems to have removed a bunch instead…they did fix the 30-day window default, but at the same time they deleted all of my categorization rules, removed all of my newly-defined categories, did some very ugly things to viewing tabs, and I think there was some stuff with investments that went away too although I wasn’t planning to use it for that so I didn’t spend much time poking around in that area. I did rate their changes ‘very poor,’ but who knows whether that means anything so apparently December is going to be ‘test Simplifi and Personal Capital month’ after all.

ETA–will also be giving CreditKarma a try when they officially switch, but as of now Mint just says ‘coming soon’ so not sure when that’ll happen.


By December 20th!

Get your info in if you haven’t - the stream is on Tuesday!

And I will be shipping stickers this week to those that did reviews!

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Almost forgot, thanks for the reminder.