Bucket Lists

Does anyone have a bucket list or something similar? I’ve recently started thinking about some bigger things I would definitely like to do, mostly around travel. I’m interested to see what other people have on theirs and hope to get inspired a bit!

Mine so far is just:

  1. Do a trip going from the Jura to the Alsace region of France, maybe going into Germany on the same trip.
  2. Go to Germany’s Mosel Valley to check out the wineries. There is a hike you can do along the river, which would be really cool.
  3. I’ve always wanted to do the Camino de Santiago in Spain, even though I’m not religious and not a huge hiker :woman_shrugging:

There are a lot of other places I’d like to go but not sure if they are bucket list territory!


A college bff of mine did the Camino several years in a row, many different routes. He went to grad school for Spanish lit after that! I’m sure he would love to enthuse about it or offer tips if you need! Would be happy to connect you.


Off the top of my head, my travel bucket list would include:

  1. Northern Lights
  2. Dive tour of the Great Barrier Reef
  3. The Louvre and a catacomb tour in Paris (I’ve been to France but didn’t get to do these two things while there)
  4. Machu Picchu
  5. Mayan/Aztec ruins
  6. Ancient Greek sites
  7. Pyramids
  8. Maybe a few swanky Michelin restaurants??
  9. So many things in Japan, but in particular I heard the Cup Noodle museum is great lol :ramen:
  10. Take my Grandma to Ireland

Watching this thread for other great ideas!!


Ooh Northern Lights is on mine too!


Fun idea! Feeling chatty today so, hm…off the top of my head:

  1. Live in a place with big snowcapped mountains in the distance.
  2. Live in walking distance to a beach.
  3. Go to a climbing competition and make friends.
  4. Take a fancy train ride.
  5. Visit a hot desert and see a real cactus and tumbleweed and hold up a novelty loony toons sign.
  6. Become a millionaire.
  7. Build a reliable community.
  8. Find a temple where I feel I fit in and can grow.
  9. Become a better swimmer.
  10. Create a website that helps high school students with physical disabilities plan for careers in a landscape where they most likely won’t be hired traditionally. It would include a whole portal for self-employment resources in varied fields (so they can still do what they like), a section for video testimonials of disabled people from alllll different areas and fields talking about how they found their careers, and also a hiring portal for companies who are interested in diversifying their workforce (with resources for them on things like job splitting, accommodations, etc.).
  11. Foster a child.
  12. Gift a college education to someone who deserves it.
  13. Go inside a real castle.
  14. Visit somewhere that is dark 24 hours a day.
  15. See a monkey that isn’t in a zoo.
  16. See a cheetah that isn’t in a zoo.
  17. Go to a black tie masquerade ball.
  18. Have my apartment be the “go to” spot for friends to gather.
  19. Travel to beautiful places and eat incredible things.
  20. Meet and possibly get killed by an alien. I think it would be the best way to die.
  21. Drive a 1968 Mercedes-Benz 250 SL, red, while wearing Chanel sunglasses and a silk scarf.

Travel bucket list is:

  1. Antarctica
    2… Wallabies on magnetic iisland

  2. Maccu Picchu

  3. Everest base camp (not going to happen)

  4. Patagonia

  5. Northern lights

  6. Galapagos (done)
    8 . Peyto. Lake(done)

  7. Lots of the major European capitals

  8. All 7 continents

  9. All 50 states


LOL, deleted because I just realized this is for travel.


It’s not only for travel! That’s just all I could think of!

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Yours was an amazing list

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Oh ok! Undeleted. Haha, sorry, meds today.


A place for lists? I’m in!

  1. Bike the full east coast greenway
  2. Learn enough French to have a solid conversation with someone
  3. Go on a world cruise (3-6 months)
  4. Live in another state
  5. Become a millionaire (stolen from @AllHat)
  6. Visit all 50 states
  7. Visit 100 countries

Ooo, that’s a good one. I read a story once about an elderly woman who figured out that it was cheaper to cruise than to pay for assisted living. The cruise ship had pretty much everything she needed and she was in generally ok health so she just lived on various cruise ships for a few years.


I remember hearing about that story too! I think there was also a guy that was planning to live at a Hampton inn or something.


My travel bucket list is always growing

  • Northern lights
  • Easter Island
  • Ngorongoro Crater
  • Galapagos Islands
  • Egyptian Pyramids
  • visit Bhutan

I have been lucky enough to go to heaps of awesome places already :slight_smile:


My List is currently:

  1. Live long enough that humanity finds and learns about life on other planets
  2. Be able to do a pull up (weirdly, this is something that often features in my dreams? SO I often forget that I can’t, which is sad)
  3. See the northern lights
  4. Sing solo in public (This one might be happening to an extent this year…)
  5. Live in a different country for a few months and do immersive language learning
  6. Have a flat or house that is just mine and that I can invite people round to all the time.
  7. Be in an amateur musical?
  8. Do a train trip across Europe
    ((also relationshippy things that are a bit personal))

Oh I love #7 sooooo much!


Okay I’m updating mine:

  1. Do a trip going from the Jura to the Alsace region of France, maybe going into Germany on the same trip.
  2. Go to Germany’s Mosel Valley to check out the wineries. There is a hike you can do along the river, which would be really cool.
  3. Camino de Santiago in Spain
  4. Swim in a fjord
  5. Live in another country for at least one year
  6. Learn another language proficiently enough so that I can have an actual conversation with someone in that language
  7. See the Northern Lights. I kind of want to stay in one of those places where the whole ceiling is glass.

This is an incredible list!

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A small one right now:

  • See the northern lights (is this all of us?)
  • Retire as soon as possible
  • Do a pull-up
  • Bench press my own weight
  • Write a book
  • Learn another musical instrument
  • Own a house
  • Visit Japan
  • Brew beer
  • Make hard cheese
  • Read all the books I own


  • Watch the sun rise/set at the beach again

OMD trip to the artic circle, anyone?