Bucket Lists

I’m in!

Gonna steal the book one! Lol I also noticed all of us want to see the Northern Lights. I mean even the pictures are amazing and I know from trying to take pics of sunsets that it’s only about 30% as magnificent as real life!!! :city_sunset:


You’ve reminded me now that I want to watch sunrise/sunset at the beach again… ain’t nothing like the sun meeting the ocean.


Ooooo this used to be a Summer solstice tradition for me! Might have to get over there this Sunday.

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Ha same! That’s part of my plans, at least. :wink:

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My list is long and mostly frivolous (recently finally crossed off “eat a cronut”). Here’s a sample:

  • Stomp grapes
  • Spend a day where the sun doesn’t rise (already completed: spend a day where the sun doesn’t set)
  • Give 10 gallons of blood
  • Learn to solder
  • Make a traditional Christmas pudding
  • Get recognized in public just once. “Hey, aren’t you…?”
  • Showcase a game somewhere beyond Portland
  • Be a board member of something
  • Beat Super Mario 3 without warp whistles
  • Write and perform a standup set

Stomp grapes!!! I love it.

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Nice! I’m “only” at one gallon but a friend of mine is up to three!

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I’m still thinking about my bucket list so this is a work in progress. And I’m struggling with how to make any of this a reality.
I also don’t think any of this will happen in my lifetime.

  • Reduce my use of fossil fuels to zero, both the direct use that’s easy to see (the power bill that comes to my home or powers my car) and indirect (the energy used by the infrastructure that supports me, such as mass transit, sewage and water treatment plants, shipping, production of the things I use and eat, etc.)
  • Live in a truly sustainable society (zero carbon, zero pollution of air and waterways) where species extinction has stopped
  • See the environmental damage of the past repaired
  • Live in a society where healthcare is based on doing what’s best for people (and the environment), not profits
  • The last item applies to many aspects of society, like providing a livable wage, education, etc. but healthcare is perhaps the most egregious, at least where I live.

I have updated my travel-heavy bucket list:

  1. Do a trip going from the Jura to the Alsace region of France, maybe going into Germany on the same trip.
  2. Go to Germany’s Mosel Valley to check out the wineries. There is a hike you can do along the river, which would be really cool.
  3. Camino de Santiago in Spain
  4. Swim in a fjord
  5. Live in another country for at least one year
  6. Learn another language proficiently enough so that I can have an actual conversation with someone in that language
  7. See the Northern Lights
  8. Go to Rome during artichoke season
  9. Visit the Azores or Madeira
  10. Swim in bright blue, clear water
  11. Swim in an infinity pool overlooking the ocean
  12. Go scuba diving
  13. Sleep outside (again)
  14. Go to the country of Georgia

Adding one that isn’t travel: Publish a poetry chapbook