I’m only one episode in to season two, but thought it merited a thread.

One non spoil thought - Benedict is bi right? Has it been established if homosexuality is illegal or just frowned upon in this world? Because I would absolutely love a gay romance plotline in a future season but my expectations are low.

More thoughts when I’ve seen more and/out I’m not in my phone so spoiler tag is less annoying.


He isn’t in the books. But season 1 definitely made it seem like that.


I agree, there were some M/M vibes in the show.

I don’t usually read M/M but I hear that in gay Regency romance, how the two dudes can build a life together within the constraints of the day is a plot point.

We should be able to watch next week when the kids are away. Can’t wait!


Tv show Benedict seems bi, but book Benedict gets together with a woman in one of the best books in the series so I would assume he is going to end up married to a woman at the end of season 3.


Ha, I can’t stand book Benedict! To each their own Bridgerton…


I loooooved S2, so much better than the book. Particularly I loved (not really spoiler) that Lady Danbury and Mama Bridgerton are bigger characters here.

Anybody else distracted by the fact that Benedict looks older than anybody else in the family? I looked up the actor and he’s age appropriate and looks younger in the pictures online, but something about the styling makes him look really old on the show.


You created a Bridgerton thread and didn’t batsignal me?! I am devastated.

I really like Kate and Edwina. It would have been really easy to make Edwina not cool and kinda drippy, but they did a great job with her.

I love every single time Benedict makes faces at and/or rolls his eyes at his siblings.

Eloise needs to put her bloody hair up.


A dreadful oversight on my part and horribly thoughtless.

It took me the better part of two episodes to figure out why her hair looked wrong.

Episode 3

Good heavens Benedict, you’re going to OD yourself. I know they’re not going to kill him of as a character and it still gave me a shock.

Also, I’m hoping Print Shop Boy becomes a thing, somehow.

Early Episode 4

Daphne+Mom teamwork! Love it!

Ooh printing appreciate got a name!


Thank you for calling this out so I could properly enjoy the exchange eight minutes into episode 4. Lol


I’m pleased to hear this one was better than the book, I will be enjoying the chit chat here until I get around to watching it. The book had some good elements and some wtf moments where it felt like the plot was forced so this is promising.


Peep the teal slippers Kate is wearing with her purple gown and damask Spencer in episode 5.


I am so happy the bee sting was less cringy and contrived.

Did not like how far they let the engagement get- hard to imagine the Sharma’s recovering from that socially in London. Or the sister’s relationship recovering. I liked the plot device better in the books where Edwina felt she had to marry the money for her family, and wasn’t in love with the viscount but with someone with less $$ to his name.

Some exceptional acting in the flashbacks and the scene between Mary and Kate.

Liked Anthony’s backstory more and Kate’s less.


I havent read rhe books but just started season 2


I thought he just had gay artsy friends in season 1 and it pushed his ideas of what’s possible with living his life. The gay friend was closeted in greater society with a beard wife. Out in his artsy orgy parities.

He didn’t seem particularly inclined towards men, just cool with it in his artsy queer circle.

It’s definitely illegal and frowned upon in this universe, I think it was shown as a side universe.

(The gilded age has a rich 1870s American gay man plot!)


Oh that’s right, he never participated. Thanks for the rec, I’ll have to check it out.

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Episode 6

Yelling at her sister - Hell yeah Edwina. I mean, I really wish it hasn’t gotten to the altar but I like seeing her something other than picture perfect. A credit to the actress, though, Edwina has not felt two dimensional at all.

Episode 7/8

How the fuck is Eloise still getting out of the house alone all the damn time?

When Kate is talking to her sister she’s shaking her head s lot for someone who was badly concussed a week ago. Ha, autocorrect made her name Late.


Everything Eloise annoys me. Even her justified rage at the end annoys me because I hate her so much. There’s also something off with her acting that wasn’t apparent in season one - discomfort with her height? Trying to play up awkward but not being naturally awkward? Stage acting on film?

Mind you I wasn’t pro Anthony but still delighted in his romance.

I really love edwina. She plays her part well.

Kind of wanted more of the mama and featherington, but she chose right at the end and it isn’t her book


Eloise annoyed me so much in season 1. In theory about the same age I should have been good friends with her, at least on paper, but no. The one I read in the book was apparently supposed to be quite likeable so I think they messed up with writing this character for film.


Apparently season one Eloise was 17 (but played by a 32 year old actress!), I thought she was supposed to be younger. Maybe it’s partly personality and they want to give her a chance to mature over the seasons now that she’s actually having to deal with some difficulties in life? But yeah, she’s not my favorite. I read the first few Bridgerton books but they sort of all blurred together with all the other romances so I don’t remember how book-Eloise compares.