Bra Sizing

I just did all the measurements at this site that was recommended on a clothing group and instead of the 36B that I’ve been wearing for years it says that I should start at 34D/DD. My boobs are not all that big :flushed:

Have I been wearing the totally wrong bra size for years? I don’t really want to change bras; they’re expensive! I wonder how the fit would be different and if it would be that much better though.

Has anyone changed to a totally different size and seen a big difference?


I really don’t know why bra sizing has to be harder than differential calculus. And the cup shape matters a LOT for me. Different cup style may result in different cup size. And there is some variation in sizing between brands.

This rant wasn’t helpful for you, but you are not alone in your frustration.


I did that too, and was confounded by the size recommendations for me. I can’t remember what it was now, but I remember it didn’t make much sense.


I’m guessing you didn’t change sizes after doing the calculator?

I called The Pencil Test and they said it’s very common for people to go too big on the band size and too small on the cups. They start at D cup but apparently I might be eligible :joy: I think I’ll stop by there this coming week.

Thankfully all the new (from two years ago) Soma bras that I bought were customer returns sold on eBay. They were less than $25 each!

I find it pretty hilarious that I might have double D’s!


I tried to get into the a bra that fits Reddit community and I go completely confused about what makes a bra that fits but I am in the right size I guess??


My plan is to go to The Pencil Test and get professionally fitted and buy a bra there. I have a feeling that my boobs are probably too “wide and flat” at the moment and that the volume will become more “forward”. I will report back on whether they suddenly look fabulous :joy:


Your band should be able to hold the bra up without any support from your straps, but not dig in enough for your back/sides to bulge around it.

If it’s comfy then it kind of doesn’t matter what size you’re “supposed” to be, but it is very very common on the internet for people to go from a 36 B to a 34 DD, and a D isn’t really all that big.


I suspect it’s not the right size because there’s a bit of gape in the cup by the end of the day, so it’s not sitting quite right.

It’s the cultural connotations of double D’s that cracks me up!


This is a physical impossibility :sweat_smile:

Not really but it’s been determined more by the structure of the band/bra than the size, really. A skinny band will NEVER do that on me. A wide bra that resembles a corset? Has a shot.


I meant for like 1-5 minutes while you put it on, not for wearing around


I agree. The fancy sizing ladies always try to put me in a 32D but I am a 34C fuck the attacking me bands


It’s both more complex than people are making it sound, and much easier!

@Meowmalade unless you are very skilled with a camera angle I agree you probably aren’t a 36 . And if you are that skilled, teach me your angles.

A lot has changed in bra world in our lives, especially fabrics. So it is all brand and model dependent. People in boutiques should be able to fit you in their limited brands, which usually carry a good range of sizes. Most of us grew up in an era of mall stores and boxed bras which believed in 6 band sizes and 4-5 cup sizes. Of course we all wore the wrong sizes. Places like a bra that fits got really into it because when the only bras that fit are a 4h drive away and $300, you needed better measurements, a peer to peer exchange network and ways to order great polish bras.

I am so glad that a bra that fits and it’s predecessors exist/ed as well as much more bra info and options.


I did the switch to smaller band/bigger cup and it was much better in how it felt and what it looked like. But really, being a C or D blew my mind and doesn’t match with what I think my chest looks like vs. what society told me ‘bigger than B’ is.

But it isn’t a silver bullet, I still need to try on a ton of bras to find something that is good for me (part of the challenge is asymmetry that can lead to overflow on one side and gape on the other). I have discovered I like UK brands best, maybe they build for my phenotype? I am looking forward to being there this summer again and fully replacing my bra drawer.


I was a 34 D/DD last time I tried underwire bras/based on the reddit calculator which was accurate for me, and I’m not what I would call especially well endowed. There’s a whole range of small people who probably need a 28 or 30" band that just doesn’t exist in the “normal” range of bra sizes, and lots of average sized people needing larger cups with the only way to acheive that is also adding a larger band. The band # should be close to your actual ribcage circumfrence in inches.


FWIW I am also a DD in some brands and I don’t think one would think that to look at me! Lately I’m sizing the band back up from 32 to 34 though. (Might be bigger than DD if I was still squeezing into 32.)


I thought I was a 34B for years until ABTF and switched over to a 30DD and it was great. That was 30 lbs ago though, when was like 33. Over the years, I ended up in a 32DD and now wear a 34DD which STILL feels a little uncomfortably tight in the band so I’ve been only wearing it with V-necks and just wearing my sports bra a lot of the time, TBH.

I also do not identify as a big-boobed person, but if the bra fits…


I am a 32 DDD/G and I do not look like I have giant boobs. Once I started getting appropriately sized bras it was suddenly like - oh. Bras are actually comfortable when they fit.


I will add that. Do seem to have some trouble measuring myself for the ABTF calculator, and it leads me toward cup sizes that are too big.


I also just remembered that I wear a front close bra and someone once said to size up in the band for that. So maybe I’m actually wearing a 34 equivalent?

My entire bust measurement is 36" so I guess I really shouldn’t be wearing a 36 band! But how have I been getting away with that until now?! So weird. I also can’t imagine how I could size down so much and not get squeezed a ton on my back fat. I guess I’ll wait for the bra ladies help me figure it out and maybe they will find me the perfect bra. If I didn’t do the calculator I wouldn’t even go to the bra store because I would be like “oh there’s no way I’m a D” (their minimum size).

That’s promising!

I may be waaaaay off on my bra size then. I’m not sure how tight the tape is supposed to be but I’m getting 32" :flushed:


I went to a fancy store and got measured at 30E years ago. I had been wearing a 34B or C at the time, because that’s what existed at the Victoria secret in my mall. All of a sudden my bra stopped riding up my back and my straps slipped less. They also helped me figure out that I can’t do a balconette style bra for my boob shape and density and that demicup or plunge styles are my friend for getting all my breast tissue where it “should” be.

Fancy bra boutique measuring is good, but also (I’m a broken record) check out an Aerie store near you. They have a pretty large variety of sizes in stock at the store and a bunch of wireless/bralette options for cheap. I’ve also been really happy with the Auden line at Target. Just grab a handful of sizes, a slim fitting shirt, and go to town in the dressing room until you like how it feels and looks.