It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s free: pouring river water in your socks looking at, listening to, and thinking about birds! Please join me in sharing your usual or unusual birding exploits.

I haven’t gotten out much recently so I’ve only been seeing urban birds, but I did catch a mockingbird honking at cars the other day.


Oh, twitching! I do it in my backyard. My dad threatened to chuck my mum’s bird book out on their last road trip because she was spotting birds instead of chatting to him!

We had kookaburras in our yard last week, haven’t had them come in before.


Oooh im in! Best part of my last time in Hawaii was on a hike, stopping and watching a lovely bird sing on a branch near me, only to realize when I looked it up in my Hawaiian bird book back in the car that only a couple hundred exist and we were in the 4 sq.mi. Area of their known breeding and nesting territory.

Also, today I saw a silly wood pecker (Red breasted sapsucker I think?) banging his head on a metal band for a sign on a post. I pointed it out to the ladies I was hiking with. We were maybe 15 feet away max, and it’s head was BRIGHT RED, and only 2 of 6 people managed to see it??? Perplexing to me.


I love birds, but more in the oh look a pigeon way because I don’t get out in deep, flourishing nature much. Also the first thing “birding” brings to mind is me flipping off cars on my bike commute (which I need to remember to stop doing before sooner or later it’s someone I work with lmfao). Anyway…have a photo of a domesticated chicken/microfiber cloth


Beautiful chicken! The fancy birds are always my favorite part of county fairs and such.
Saw a sharp-shinned hawk hunting songbirds outside an office park today.
And I met another birder at a local game night! We’re planning on heading out to Theodore Roosevelt Island in the spring. She’s quite a bit older than me and a longtime birder, and I’m excited to have more friends outside my age group and learn more about the local species.


Kiddo was given a sticker book of birds by grandpa when we visited a local historical farm and he has kept it intact. Every blue-looking bird is a blue jay and sometimes he sees “falcons” when we’re out and about. I’m hopeful about raising him to be a future birder.

If I remember and if I haven’t deleted them off my phone, we have red shouldered hawks in our neighborhood and this year a flock of white ibises took up residence to raise their babies. I’ve tried looking up some of the urban birds I see in big parking lots (usually because kiddo points them out) but usually all I can determine is that they’re some sort of wren.


Saw a pair of ring-necked ducks today and a redhead in addition to the usual mallards and coots. The Canada geese are all gone, and it seems like the wood ducks and common mergansers may have moved on too.

In the park near us, a whole group of crows is often harrying a small hawk when I go by. If you haven’t read “Unseen City” I highly recommend it, makes you appreciate crows and pigeons so much!

Eta pulled out my sibley’s. I think it’s a sharp shin hawk I’ve been seeing!


Ooh I love the look of this! Thanks for the book recommendation!

I’m lying in bed listening to the birds. Probably New Holland honeyeaters and white cheeked ones enjoying the nectar before the wattle birds wake up.


This is the extent of my birdwatching lately:


Managed to get a picture the other day. Cardinal. His mate was hiding nearby.


We bought a clear bird feeder to stick on the outside of a window. It’ll be fun to hold the baby up and let her watch, too.


I can hear birds from inside our house because it’s so quiet.

Heard a woodpecker the other day on a hike. Always pleasant.

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Saw a woodpecker on our walk determined to peck a hole on a streetlight… Like on the metal part. Then it followed us down the street so I was able to get a better picture.