August challenge Ideas?

It’s been a bit since we did an official OMD monthly challenge (20 in 2020 challenge still going on tho!), since you know…covid ate everyone’s plans and lives.

How are we feeling for an August challenge? Would folks be interested in a tracking challenge - maybe capturing “new normal” since budgets changed for a lot of folks?

Anyone have any grand ideas?


A budget / spending tracking challenge would work for me, and I like that it’s a very accessible challenge for people new to the world of personal finance, too.


No grand ideas here, but I’m also down for a tracking challenge! A sort of “don’t spend your feelings” reminder, ha


I need to work on doing the good things that make me ok.


I like the idea of a tracking challenge. Since Garmin isn’t doing it all for me anymore :laughing:


Yes, this! I’m not leaving the house at all except for Dr. appointments and don’t have a lot of things to do at home other than work so tracking doing things that still help me feel like a human being would be great.

(I’m personally set with any money tracking but if that’s what most people want then I’ll just sit this one out)


If it doesn’t have a catchy name it’s nothing.

I propose Augusterity.


“We are still kickin August”

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I don’t really know how to turn this into a challenge, but what about also tracking new-normal behaviors (social or saving or spending or societal rituals) in addition to tracking new-normal spending/budget?

Some August ideas…personally I like the idea of reading while I trim my beard, but to each their own. You may prefer to institute a relatively peaceful era, or build a temple in the backyard

  • became the first emperor of the Roman Empire, reigning from 27 BC until his death in AD 14.[
  • The reign of Augustus initiated an era of relative peace known as the Pax Romana . The Roman world was largely free from large-scale conflict for more than two centuries, despite continuous wars of imperial expansion on the Empire’s frontiers and the year-long civil war known as the “Year of the Four Emperors” over the imperial succession.
  • After the demise of the Second Triumvirate, Augustus restored the outward façade of the free Republic, with governmental power vested in the Roman Senate, the executive magistrates, and the legislative assemblies. In reality, however, he retained his autocratic power over the Republic.
  • He also built the Temple of Caesar, the Baths of Agrippa, and the Forum of Augustus with its Temple of Mars Ultor.[253] Other projects were either encouraged by him, such as the Theatre of Balbus, and Agrippa’s construction of the Pantheon, or funded by him in the name of others, often relations (e.g. Portico of Octavia, Theatre of Marcellus). Even his Mausoleum of Augustus was built before his death to house members of his family.[254] To celebrate his victory at the Battle of Actium, the Arch of Augustus was built in 29 BC near the entrance of the Temple of Castor and Pollux, and widened in 19 BC to include a triple-arch design.[250]
  • described his appearance as: “… unusually handsome and exceedingly graceful at all periods of his life, though he cared nothing for personal adornment. He was so far from being particular about the dressing of his hair, that he would have several barbers working in a hurry at the same time, and as for his beard he now had it clipped and now shaved, while at the very same time he would either be reading or writing something … He had clear, bright eyes … His teeth were wide apart, small, and ill-kept; his hair was slightly curly and inclined to golden; his eyebrows met. His ears were of moderate size, and his nose projected a little at the top and then bent ever so slightly inward. His complexion was between dark and fair. He was short of stature, although Julius Marathus, his freedman and keeper of his records, says that he was five feet and nine inches (just under 5 ft. 7 in., or 1.70 meters, in modern height measurements), but this was concealed by the fine proportion and symmetry of his figure, and was noticeable only by comparison with some taller person standing beside him…”,[255] adding that “his shoes [were] somewhat high-soled, to make him look taller than he really was”.



I propose that in August we all just compliment Elle nonstop.


small teeth tuesdays


For the love of god, someone force me to do something active. I am literally wasting away over here.


you have fine proportion and symmetry, but you can always go to battle or lead a campaign if it makes you feel better. Don’t forget to go to the baths after


POSTED: Add it up August, a month for quantifying and tracking the thing you want to work on:

  • Budget
  • Creativity
  • Fitness
  • Social Time
  • ETC