"Add it Up August" Challenge: tracking the thing you should do


It’s been a few months off of challenges due to:

BUT! BUT! We all have something we want to get back to. Or a new normal we want to implement in some category of our life. Turn that into a number, and track it.

Perhaps you might track:

  • No-Spend Days
  • Minutes Spent on Art
  • Minutes Spent on Physical Activity
  • Letters sent to friends
  • Jobs applied to
  • Petitions Signed
  • Days Spent Out of PJs
  • Fruits and Vegetables Per Day
  • Grocery Spending

Add it Up August will run from August 1 to August 31.

Basic rules:

  1. You must establish your own goals about what you are going to track and how you are going to do it. They need to be measured in a quantifiable way.

Rather than “Spend Less Money” it can be “Spend Less than $50 on Indulgences” this month or “have 10 no-spend days”. Or “Draw Once a Day”.

State them in this thread in the first few days of the month to get us kicked off in the right direction.

  1. Each week, report on how you did in this thread. You can report on where you’re at, ask for help, or complain. You can even change your goal(s) - hey, things happen. If you miss a week, that’s fine, come on back in, it’s okay.

Who This Challenge is For

Anyone who wants a little public accountability to try to put back together their creative, health, personal, or financial goals after the beating we’ve all taken in 2020. THIS IS THE MONTH!

What do you get out of participating?

  • Something that is important to do
  • A community to support you as you do something a little weird
  • A CUTE forum badge for participating
  • And if you do the challenge, you get a STICKER mailed to you.

If you’re in to participate (or on the fence and need encouragement), comment below with your goal(s).

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I’ll start. I’m tracking one thing:

  • Minutes of Physical Activity

My goal is to spend 1,085 minutes this month doing physical activity (skating, biking, running, dancing, or active conditioning).


I’m in. I’ll count minutes of training, total training volume/pounds lifted, grocery spend, and grams protein.

Protein is the only set goal @ 9300g for the month


I am going to add up how many days I do a selfish thing. Boring showers and putting in contacts no longer count. Goal is 6 days a week


Sigh. Let’s commit to physical activity :dancer:t3::running_woman:t3:Of some sort. Minimum of 60 minutes per day, no carry over. 1-2 days may be exempt for dental surgery.


I’m going to track

  • Number of meals made at home (aiming for 90%)

  • Minutes of physical activity ( goal to avg 30 minutes/day)


A photo per day with the real camera


Four should-get-done house projects. Offhand: finish painting GREEN room, finish painting can cabinet, finish fixing wall where cabinet was installed, and sand/seal the final shelves for the bookshelf that was mostly finished two years ago.


Pushups. I started a week ago and as of this morning, I am up to 5 at once. I want to add one per day, with the caveat that I am free to split them into sets of 10 if I need to (once I get over 10 total, that is).


I would like to earn $1,000 from my freelance work in August.


I’d like to spend at least 30 minutes per day on projects I want to complete before selling the house. Those include painting baseboards; removing, sanding and painting the slats in the blinds that have been shedding paint for years; and replacing screens that have holes due. Carryover is allowed and even required since I plan on camping some days and won’t be here to do the 30 minutes.

That would be a total of 930 minutes or 15.5 hours which should put a considerable dent in those tasks.


Ooh I LIKE it! Very adaptable!!

I will adapt it to a to-do list challenge. This is not generally Big Projects that need broken down into steps but tasks that can be finished in 1 sitting (maybe 2), but take some executive function to prioritize and Actually Do. This does not include ongoing chores/tasks (cook dinner, water plants, vacuum, etc) but may include one-off tasks like mailing a package that we always procrastinate, which will be added as they arise. The goal is not to complete the list, but maximize the number of things done/donated/moved/organized.

Current list: 2 completed today!
  • Bday gift for sister (Check! done today!)
  • Activiate new CC and update auto-charges (Check! done today!)
  • Post things on buy nothing [count: ]
  • Hem hiking shorts
  • Alter dress (deadline: 9/25)
  • Hang art
  • Hang flower garland
  • Hang string lights
  • Order battery for stick vac
  • Replace battery in stick vac
  • Move stuff from office to storage [count: ]
  • Digitize college papers and recycle
  • Assemble wright flyer model (gift)
  • Wash carpet in high-traffic areas
  • Paint by number
  • Repair old blanket/quilt
  • T-shirt quilt
  • Denim plushies (for pregnant friend?)

I would like to track hours spent laying on my couch with a cat on my chest. That’s cool, right? No? Darn. I would totally crush it. :joy:


I did say you can track whatever you want. That sounds very healing.


My thing that I should do: not spend all the monies on groceries. Like, seriously. (I feel like this is a common theme to all of the challenges I participate in, but I guess that emphasizes how much it’s a struggle for me, sigh).

My goal is $300 for the month. This includes breakfasts and lunches for myself, plus dinners for myself and my boyfriend at least 3 nights a week. I already track how much I’ve spent on each grocery trip, but I think I need to get down to a granular level and track prices for items I typically buy, as I realized I don’t have a mental bank for how much stuff costs. This would definitely help more with planning.


7 hours of physical activity a week.
Can include stretching and use of massage balls. I have read a prodigious amount since the whole never leave your house thing started, but that also means a shocking amount of sitting/laying about/hammock time.

Be in the sun at least 2 hours a week. Less than 18 minutes a day. This should not be that hard and yet I am approaching vampire like pallor.


I’m in (for now). I want to track hours spent doing the following three things:

  • yardwork
  • dishes
  • cooking


  • money spent on groceries

The reason is complicated, and stems from the fact that I simultaneously feel like I am a lazy mooch and am unappreciated.


Now we are six.


My goal is a weekly Budgets and Bagels session with my husband:

  • Update our budget with the previous week’s spending
  • Look at the week ahead and estimate upcoming spending
  • Eat a bagel while we’re working on it

I will track how often I do yoga, and I also want to quantify diversity of teaching source or style.
Today was the second time I attended a sun salutation vinyasa class by the river (same teacher and it was the exact same class as last week).
I will track house chores because I’m lazy.
I will do some portion of a crafting or art project every day hopefully.
Yesterday I painted both a small table and drawer thing yellow w some acrylic paint I got on clearance for $4 and both furniture pieces were free lol :money_mouth_face: