Art Making Club


So many beautiful things in here! I am a (very amateur) embroiderer and former cross-stitcher (the gateway craft to embroidery). I am terrible at knitting, crochet, painting, drawing, and pretty much anything else creative!


Yay!! Glad you guys are here. :))) @FuzBubbles – do you find digital art to be very different in making from traditional? I find my whole thought process about it changes, and the art I make is inexorably different depending on media. :smiley: Which can be awesome.
@LadyDuck yay garden sketches!! I’m glad you’re still doing this. :heart: it makes me happy to see your world through your eyes.
@Jenny_G Oh my gosh your embroidery is gorgeous. Roommate does embroidery and through her I know just how much work it is!

I haven’t done much art the last few days. I did one but decided not to post it as it basically turned into a vagina. XD LOL. I didn’t intend for it to be one, but there ya go. Sometimes art just … happens.

I’m going to be traveling soon though and am excited to bring my little art-to-go kit with me! :smiley: It’s my water brushes (so I don’t need to bring water with to dip brushes into for paint), a watercolor set, pencils, colored pencils, and a pen, all put into a little bag made out of two washcloths sewn together so I can use the bag itself as an art rag. I kinda love it. :smiley:

My plan: draw what I eat. We’ll see how reality works out, but I’d love to have a little travel journal of my trip where I paint delicious food. :smiley:


That sounds really awesome.

@Jenny_G, ditto on the gorgeous embroidery. Embroidery (and cross stitch and spinning) are on my to-learn list and when I see lovely embroidery like that, it definitely pushes it higher up the list!

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I promised sketches. Some are boring.


The way you shadowed the wires makes them really look like they’re twisted together – that’s super cool!


Aw thanks! It’s actually a sketch of the grill on my sliding door:


I haven’t made these the right size to have inner pots so the plants will sit loose. The blue one does have.extra air holes on the side. :slight_smile: and


Latest pot. Kind of a weird inbetween size and depth but a good result from some glaze experiment.


Finally got the art kit out in Paris. Drawing food has not occured as I am too impatient to eat it LOL



Yes! So glad you got a chance to break out the art kit!


:)) me too. It makes me feel so good.


My 100 day project is building the habit of sketching, which was the purpose of starting. I’m doing bad drawings every day, and that is an excellent way to eventually do a few good drawings. It’s really helped me remember that a lot of my other things (like academic writing) are just skills and not magical things that I can or can not do.


Yay!!! You are doing fabulously.


I really like the middle sketch.


Me too, I think I’m learning that I like using that particular graphite pencil a lot and can get it to do what I want it to. I’ve liked my other sketches with the same pencil.

@Oro thanks :smiley:


I forgot I was gonna try and draw pixel art every day this year. WHOOPS. Well I picked it back up last night after a couple months of not touching it and made a little thing (32x40px!) on the prompt of “heart piece”.


ooh dang, that’s nice


I had a go at a self portrait. That was an intense experience. (Also I added some hair to hide the fact that I misjudged some dimensions of my cheek.)


It’s great!! Did you work from that photograph directly? :slight_smile: