Art Making Club


Hey. :slight_smile: I make art. I make art sometimes as much as I want to, but often not as much as I want to.
Want to be my buddy in making things? Let’s hang out here and help each other fulfill our Making Things ™ wants and hopes and dreams. :smiley:

I hope for this space to become a general hangout zone for people in the tumultuous chaos that is trying to Make Things, with all its ups and downs.
I also hope that this is a place we can share our pieces as we make them, get feed back from one another, and support each other as we resist chucking it all out the window and re-inventing ourselves in another city.


  • In this thread, critique will happen but only if it is specifically requested. So if you want feedback, please request it!! :smiley:
  • This is a place of positive growth and support. We’re all doing the thing. The quality of the thing you do doesn’t matter, what matters is doing it
  • People who aren’t artists are also welcome on this thread!! Feel free to join in the conversation and offer support/crit (when requested) and get inspiration of your own.

All types of art welcome. If you make pottery or glass blowing or draw or paint or create origami masterpieces. :smiley:

PS I also think this would be a great place to share resources if you have something you love and reference a lot.



What $75 of fancy water color paper, three new watercolor pigments, and two water brushes looks like:


I’m so here for this. The water brushes have me intrigued, do they have water on the inside? They look hollow. That would make taking them outside SO much easier.

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Yes exactly!! You fill them up and they’re just always wet. :)) I love them.


Excellent. I have one I bought for scrapbooking, I am excited to try using it for watercolour at today!

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This is a great idea and I can’t wait to see what everyone is making!


I didn’t do art yesterday, but I have a plan to do some today! Finding the “right time” can be what gets me-- getting home means feeding the cats, and then feeding me, and then talking to Roommate… and suddenly the night is crumbling away from me!

I’m going to try something… shocking. :open_mouth: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I’m gonna eat a “mini lunch” (2nd lunch) at the end of the work day, then I won’t be ravenous when I get home, and I can eat a smaller dinner later in the night (7 or 8pm). Before that (and after feeding the mini monsters who demand kibbles) is art time that won’t be bothered by human food/cooking needs!
Maybe. XD
We’ll see how it shakes out.


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I like your idea.


Hi! Can I join? I’d love to get some inspiration here :slight_smile: I do some oil painting (when.i get over the activation curve of covering my tiny room with paint sheets - here’s my favourite recent painting


Yay!! I’m glad you’re here. :slight_smile:
And gosh, those are lovely. Very atmospheric and moody-- I dig the choice of having the sky dominate the scene. I always love diptychs. :smiley:

(FYI Autocorrect kept trying to make that “dipsticks”…)

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Today’s doodle.
Anyone want to prompt me? I want to do a little more sketching tonight still :))


This character with a strong emotion on their face.




Got this pair out of the kiln. Tried out my new glazes and it didn’t turn out quite how I imagined but still pretty. Second pic is more true to colour. Nice as cups or cactus pots or something.

And my brother’s tapas plates as greenware.


This is a good suggestion! :smiley: I will play.

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Oh my gosh, they look so good!! I really dig the ‘casual’ look of the glaze. Something about it is just… really lovely.

Brother will be delighted, I’m sure.
What is your glazing plan for the tapas plates?


Those cups are lovely- the glaze is so intense! I have a real soft spot for that kind of pottery - luckily my cousin’s girlfriend is a potter so I keep being given beautiful mugs for Christmas presents!


Orchid pots.
I am very pleased with the dark blue.


I’m so excited for this idea! I love to draw but always forget to do it until it’s super late at night and my soul is crying out to create but I have to go to sleep for my job the next day.
It doesn’t sound like I’m alone.
Since I have a “buying art supplies I never use” addiction, for Christmas my BF gave me an old iPad of his and an iPad pencil (he ran the idea of the hand me down by me first, I loved the idea of saving money). Now when I remember to draw I don’t spend time having to get out all the supplies and cleaning up after.
Here’s a recent picture.


Getting supplies out and packing up again is a problem I have too, I feel ya.

@tardis the glazes on those are very satisfying, I think my mum has used some similar ones. Do your orchids sit in there own pots and get swapped in and out of these? It looks like there’s holes in the darkest blue one to make an eyelet type pattern?

This is my offering of the day. More sketches to come as I catch up on my 100dayproject… Or just extend my timeline. These are all rough sketches just meant to add to my hours of practice and help get into the habit of getting art out of my head.