All that money you didn't save: opportunity cost

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Such a great episode! I just want to say, I’ve been juggling opportunity cost quite a bit over the last few months.

I pay $300 in rent living with family right now, but my commute in the mornings is 40 minutes and and in the evenings 70-80 minutes. This has led to greater fuel costs and more money spent on food that I have not prepared at home.

I’m meeting a couple later today about renting a room from them which will potentially double my living cost (rent/utilities) but will only be 10 minutes from work. I would save in fuel, food, time and stress. While the exact dollar savings might not make up for literally doubling my expenses, I think it will be worth it.


Forgot to mention that I’m grossing $36,000 annually, so my $300/mo living expenses is because I have some very specific, large savings goals. Also the internet in my current home is crap. Like not loading web pages crap.

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I have been there! I don’t love it. I read a lot of books, but after awhile I just wanted to be able to… you know, check the forums or look up directions.


Exactly! I’ve given up streaming for now and gave up videogames a while ago due to a mailroom job causing tendinitis in both wrists and my office job sitting in front of a computer all day.

But STILL. How else am I going to track all my data on web based platforms if not by using the internet??