Affordable Makeup and Femmey Stuff


That’s on the right track! I’m hoping for closer to $1/1 container or reused from something else… And without buying 2 extras. Because I’m stubborn


I re-use the little containers that Sephora employees put product samples in.

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New plan! Get a sample, save the tub!!

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Does anyone use shampoo bars? Is Lush the only place to get good ones? Bonus points if they’re good for dry scalp…

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I’ve don’t the lush shampoo bars before and loved them… I’ve only heard decent reviews of the lush ones and assorted Etsy ones. FWIW the ones at bulk barn are useless


I too have this question – slightly dry scalp, hair that gets greasy easily. :frowning: Although it’s currently short as heck, which helps.


Has anyone ever shopped ? The clothes are cute and cheap but I’m wondering how cheap they are in person.


I have! Their clothes are in fact extremely cheap, pretty much forever21 quality. They are actually pretty good for home goods and such, and I have one or two pieces of clothing from there that are good as long as they aren’t supposed to last forever. Their sizing is Asian sizing though, so everything is very petite (I.e. I am under 5 feet and a size 4/S in the us and sometimes the large size won’t fit over my hips or bust.)

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Ooo, thanks! Good to know re: sizing, I’ll size up if I order.


FYI- bought some super cute PJs from them! Cheap but soft!


I decided to attempt highlighter. Baby step to contouring? I don’t ever see that happening, honselty. I’m far too lazy. But I bought this and have been putting it on top of my cheekbones each morning and I like being shimmery.


I wanted to update that I like having a face lotion and face oil. I noticed that I’m going through my face lotions to quickly Dash so I made sure that I picked up a and every one lotion which is a brand of lotion for face body and hands it’s too late for my hands but is one of very few body lotions that doesn’t irritate my face think it has a tiny bit of dimethicone which some people don’t love but it’s not too much to irritate me and it’s $14 for the biggest giantest pump bottle ever. This post was brought to you by Google Voice.