Affordable Makeup and Femmey Stuff


I think I’m due à few subversively high femme high makeup days


This foundation is really good for acne prone skin, isn’t too drying or dewy (good for combo skin) and also disguises large pores well.


I’ll message you with a link to my skincare spreadsheet if you want?

Also, I am SO HERE for this thread, and also for Nyx lipstick. Currently wearing Sleek’s Exxxagerate which is insanely pretty.


High Femme Subversive Make Up BFFs For Life.


Posting because I want to follow along and maybe learn some things! :slight_smile:
Only last year did I stop washing my face with hand soap, I had all my life. I also just began using lotion. Never had before.
I have been lucky to have very good and neutral skin my whole life, but I have also always worn makeup.
All of my makeup is from the dollar tree or is close to as cheap as DT, but I do think it would benefit me to learn how to wear it better.
I have a bit of a strange face situation, my mother is Hungarian so I take on some of her characteristics (very small almond-shaped eyes and slightly olive skin), but I do have my dads larger nose, and it’s also been broken twice :grimacing:.

It’s an interesting geography to paint.

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@ThreeOfWands Yes skincare spreadsheet please!!!

@JanetJackson honestly… If by hand soap you mean a fairly natural bar soap, I have no objections to this. I oil cleanse or use mice-water (I refuse to call it by its right name, I just like mice on my face) to get makeup or stuff off, but bar soap for cleaning hands and faces and bodies is a good thing used in appropriate doses. I do this too!

Today I’m not at full femmey levels Dt being sick or allergic to life

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Does anybody have recommendations on a dry shampoo that can travel? (i.e. non-aerosol)?


@Elle I wish that was what I meant. Bar soap is what I have switched to. I have always just used whatever liquid hand soap (usually the pinkish red antibac soap) was on any given counter-top. Then I started making soap and ended up using my mistake cuts and noticed it was maybe a little nicer. Now I use an oil based bar soap and it’s been working great. I’ve never used a make up remover. Mice water sounds cuuuuute.


Spice shaker with cornstarch. Options to add in cocoa powder or baking soda or green tea powder.

Or lush sells one that is basically this (and that I use because it was a gift)

Oscar blahndi sells one and so do cake. Or they used to ten years ago


Interesting! I will give this a try tomorrow. Does the cocoa powder add anything or is it to help with color for us dark haired folks?

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It’s to help with colour! I still find that you need to work it in a little


apparently today is a beauty crisis day?

HALP! what is a frugal but safe way to make my blackheads go away? D:

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I am not a makeup person, never have been, but over the past 2 years I have been trying to pay more attention to my skin since I am getting closer to 30. I had really bad acne as a teenager, and now I am SO lucky to have clear skin as an adult. I have a fairly olive/tan complexion, so I do feel it hides a lot, but I started going to a dermatologist because my skin was just looking…rough. I spend a lot of time in the sun riding bikes, and I live at high altitude(7k feet) so it is super intense. Anyway, now I use a really nice zinc sunscreen for acne prone skin, and a good moisturizer that has improved the rough look I felt my skin had. Both of these are EltaMD brand, if anyone is curious…I have been really happy with these products and they seem pretty gentle to my normally sensitive skin.

What I am wondering is if anyone has a recommendation for something to help with acne scarring. I don’t know why, but lately my face is looking more scarred than it did earlier in my 20s. My lifestyle just does not work with wearing makeup, so I’m not really into wearing a concealer, but wondering if there is a good serum or something that has helped anyone with reducing scars?


Pure vitamin e oil is what surgeons will tell you to use on scars, but I’m not sure how effective it is when the scars are older. At the very least it is moisturizing, so maybe worth a try?


I highly, highly recommend the channel for help with this. I use AHA/BHA (common for acne scarring) and Vitamin C liquid. It has done wonders, but both need some slow introduction and testing.

Here’s there whole write up on PIH (acne scarring):

And of course SPF every single time I go outside since UV exposure only makes scarring deeper.


oh thank you so much for the links! I will have to do some reading. I honestly hate buying “special” products for myself, but yesterday I was looking in the mirror, and thought…man, I could do something for my skin. It’s not bad, and I’m lucky to be pretty tan which hides a lot…but I just thought, if my skin looks like this at 28, what am I in for in 20-30 years?


Yup yup yup. I absolutely was like “Why would I buy things for my skin that’s so vain and wasteful” but also I carry this skin around everywhere, and I only got this skin, and I bike outside with it in all weather and do lots of mean things to it, I could at least get it a few things to say thank you for everything it does. It’s been really nice once I found what I liked.


I went down this rabbit hole and splurged on a toner today. Will report back on if I observe a difference.


I need help!

I’ve been carrying hand cream in my purse and it is amazing. But the tubes are too big. My ideal size is barely bigger than a lip gloss (glysomed does one this size).

Does anyone have an idea for a refillable container I can use? My travel bottles are all hard bottles, so can’t use them with a thick cream.

Also it’s two random polish grocery store handcreams that I’ve been using. Cocoa butter in my purse and jasmine at the bathroom sink!


Would something like this work?