Advice/recommendation for menstrual cup


I get stupid bad cramps that make me want to die, and the cup makes them worse so I don’t use it for the first day or two.


I only get the cramps with my diva cup when my bladder is full, and they’re REALLY not bad at all. And go away immediately after peeing.

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I get reallllly minor cramping (twinges?) regardless of what I use. It doesn’t seem to be affected by the cup one way or the other.

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In large part due to this thread I’ve bought a lena cup and am going to try it out! (The other part is that I want something that is hidden in case I wind up on my period for my wedding. I’ve been catastrophizing what I would do in a fitted white dress if I were to be on my period and hopefully this is the solution!)


I just ordered the Lena Sensitive, it said it’s good for first-time cup users. Will update after I use it!


Hope it works out well for you :slight_smile:

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If anyone wants a decade old Luna cup you can have mine. I’m done with it. :smiley:




My Lena just arrived! Um… so looking at all my options online and the giant photos I’d assumed that it was going to be this huge plunger-looking thing. I didn’t really think about logistics, just that it had to work, right? But it’s tiny:

Also, I read the instructions and I’d thought that it goes over your cervix, but it totally doesn’t. I am relaying all my thoughts out loud and Marmalade asked me if I could please do it in silence :joy:



Yay new cup! Cute packaging, too.

My understanding is that cups don’t need to go right at your cervix but you do want them blocking flow from the cervix. I usually don’t get the diva cup at the right angle the first day or so (minor leaks now and then). I find the menstrual discs easiest for my anatomy maybe because they very obviously go behind and right up close to the cervix? You’d think I’d have the hang of this given I’ve menstruated every three weeks since stopping continuous HBC!


Cut the stem off that sucker. Right all the way off. Or incrementally until you find a length that works for you, if you are smarter than me. :slight_smile:


So I didn’t get around to boiling the Lena cup or trying it out, and I got my period today. Crap!! Luckily it’s the weekend and I’m at home, so I just boiled it and followed the instructions. I did not bother cutting off the stem, especially since I got the “sensitive” softer version. It seems to have gone up there fine and I don’t feel it. To be continued…


I took out the Lena Sensitive and put it back in three times now. The first time I took it out for testing purposes, and I cut off the stem because it was impeding the flow of my pee (it was no longer in a straight line) and apparently the stem isn’t for pulling it out? But maybe it’s for keeping it in the right direction, because the second time I put it in it wouldn’t open from folded position. I think it might have even gotten turned sideways… The third time there was more blood that had collected but I followed the instructions and wiggled it out slowly and no mess, except for a little drop that got on my pants. But I again had trouble getting it to unfold when putting it back in. I think because it’s the softer version, it doesn’t pop out as well? I tried a different fold and I think it worked. I really don’t feel anything and there’s a danger that I’ll actually forget it’s there and not empty it!

By the way, there’s no way I could have PIV sex with this in.


Not sure how well it’ll work with your particular one, but when I have this problem I twist it, so it spins. That opens mine up. Worth a try!

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I realized one problem was that I have to stick it far enough in that it goes past the pubic bone. But then it’s too far to twist! I emptied it this morning and managed not to make a mess… but I kinda emptied it into my hand.

Tip: if you can’t get it out, push like you’re doing a bowel movement.

No messy pads at night and I’m wondering why I never tried this years ago!


Using one now! It took me a long time to take the plunge even after I considered it. I think now I’ve had my Lena cup about a year. I have no basis for comparison but I would recommend it. Nice rounded edges and soft material, but still pops open easily. (PS there is both a Luna and a Lena).

I only change it at home (in the tub); not comfortable doing my contortions on the throne or especially in public :sweat_smile: A friend shared an article right after I got mine discussing bacterial growth on them; I was squicked out so I sanitize nightly, in an old pot we don’t use for food and/or double-boiling in a glass jar. I add a bit of vinegar to the water for odor mitigation. I do rinse and reuse in the morning, though.

For me, it hasn’t replaced all products. I use my Thinx a lot, and the occasional tampon when I know I’ll be out of the house over 12 hours (work+gym, usually). I prefer disposables for travel, personally; easier to find a place to throw them away than to clean and dry a cup or undies.


Guess who miscounted and left a certain new item at home today when heading out on a trip…


Okay, final update: I think the trick to getting the Lena Sensitive to unfold is to make the fold face the back. Also, am not sure if it made me feel a little crampy and bloated (I never got cramps, but now being off HBC it may be another story).

Definitely a game-changer for the higher flow days, am really glad I got a cup!


Update: I didn’t miscount, I just started spotting early. Was home by the time I actually needed my new cup. It worked! Mostly.

I used a pad as backup and was glad I did. I first used it at night and either it didn’t seal properly or leaked because it was full, but I had a little bit on the pad in the morning. Same with during the day, but I was sure to empty it sooner so I know being full was not the problem. After those first two times it was fine. Retrieval was sometimes a challenge.

I had one change in a public restroom. It was at a tiny art gallery that had no other patrons, so I was confident I had the place to myself. I have no idea what I would have done if someone else was in there. I think my public restroom use in the future will be limited to the single-stall type.


For folks who are having trouble getting their cup to pop open, it definitely takes some practice. It took me 6 months before I was getting it right 100% of the time. It can also help to try out different folds. Before my IUD, I used a diva cup, and the origami fold was the only one I could use to comfortably get it in. I also have to sort of push down while pushing the cup up to get it to pop open and seal properly. I could never get the spinning thing to work, but I can feel around the lower half of it to make sure it is opened all the way.

And for public restrooms, you get better at it (wash your hands before going into the stall!). I would just put my cup back in and use some extra TP to clean my hands up a bit so I don’t get blood on anything.