Advice/recommendation for menstrual cup


This part had never occurred to me!! Man, missed opportunities.

Thanks for this-- I was a bit overwhelmed with all the choices! It recommended the Lunette or Lena for me, so I’ll go with the Lena since it’s cheaper on Amazon and I have some gift cards for there :slight_smile:

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Lena was one of my recommendations from that site, too. I had a gift card for the same amount from my crappy health insurance for doing a survey. I found it fitting to indirectly use health care $ for this. Got the lena last week, so I haven’t actually used it yet. (next week!)


Not gonna lie, I bought my cup largely because I was visiting my parents and it just seemed easier to buy the cup and carry it in my vag than to buy a huge pack of pads and carry it everywhere.


Please report back! I haven’t bought it yet because I’m ten cents under free shipping and I’m waiting to combine it with something else.

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I can. I don’t know about you.
Assuming it’s hetero p in v sex, the p owning partner can feel it, but it isn’t in the way. It’s weird but fine.


I have a softcup in right now. The first menstrual cup to enter my body in years. Like 10-15. I used to use these all the time in university because you could get them free from the women’s resource centre and reuse one for a whole period. Then I got a diva cup and it hurt me and I got a bacterial infection. Reusable pads have Never given me an infection or tried to eat my cervix.

And I’m glad I’m test driving this soft cup because it does work for me but insertion and removal is a bitch. If I need to have a lot more periods I’ll probably buy a period cup that isn’t a diva cup and see what happens. Amazon has some cups for like $7 now. Modern miracles.


If I could go back in time I would buy a cup with the softest sides possible. Mine is pretty rigid and it makes it easy to insert but comfort is an issue.

Granted, mine was free ~10 years ago, and I’m getting my uterus out in a couple of weeks, so this is all moot now.


You can also get German period sex sponges. Which I wish I had washed and reused because they are like magic. Also, if the internet tells you that you can just use makeup sponges, you can’t. Then you just have a giant bag of makeup sponges.

I did buy sea sponges once, but they held maybe a quarter of a pink OB tampon of menses. Which Imo is not enough to be worth it. But maybe if you just threw it in, banged, and changed? But then you could just bang on a towel which is easier to wash than a sea sponge.


Wow. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t have p-in-v sex with a cup in.

That’s OK, though. It’s not the only option.

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Umm I’ve been saying Luna cup which I don’t think is a thing. I have the Lena cup size small. :woman_facepalming: I also did trim the stem off (all the way). I think the stem is pretty uncomfortable, but I needed it at the beginning to get used to getting it out. I recommend trimming it in stages…snip off a little at a time until it doesn’t bug you anymore, or you no longer need it.


Same. Where it sits in me would make that a no-go, so it sounds like this is an individual results may vary option, haha.

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Mine sits pretty low, so probably same?

I’ve considered doing the sponge thing.


I’ve never really considered using one before this thread but now you all actually have me interested in getting one to try!

(Also, for those who’ve never met me, yes I’m a woman, despite society’s connotations that "suit"s relate to men)


I have the Lilly cup ( and I really liked it. Haven’t used it in 2 years because I got the arm implant BC thing and now I don’t have periods. I liked it becuase it was collapsible and easy to adjust to fit my body. Can also vouch for the p in v sex while wearing. Husband said he could feel it, but it wasn’t odd enough to stop.

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And for those who have met you, we’ve never seen you in a suit :slight_smile:


I also have a Lena cup, small. It has to be emptied pretty often on heavy days but even when I was learning, I never caused a mess. Sometimes you do have to flush twice if you empty it into a toilet. I haven’t tried other brands but Lena is supposed to be softer. I do find that it makes me kind of crampy and uncomfortable and also makes it harder to pee, but I put up with these annoyances as being the most acceptable of the available options. (I was never a tampon user, so I can’t compare.)

I use Thinx for backup on heavy days because on those days, if I get a leak–and sometimes I do, since I can only tolerate the undersized cup–it is a LEAK.

I just wash mine with soap and water in the sink.

Having sex with it must be a YMMV thing. It would be clearly impossible for me.


How many folks get cramping from the cup? Slash how bad is it? That seems to be the biggest “side effect” of it that everyone is describing – definitely not something I look forward to (I hate cramps with the passion of a thousand suns and that’s one reason I’ve been on hormonal birth control for forever).

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I have a Diva cup and don’t get cramping. I’m also super super prone to cramping - cat jumps on my abdomen and I’ll have outright spasms - for what that’s worth. Where the Diva fits best in me would not work for PIV sex, but the disposable SoftCup sits further behind my cervix and was awesome for sex. Penetrative sex is my favorite anti-cramping method, and I was very sad when sponges went off the market, so the SoftCup working well was a nice surprise. If only I could procure a regular anti-cramping source, heh.

The Diva isn’t the most comfortable - I’m still really awkward with it, and need lubricant on the rim to get it in the right spot - but I’m too lazy/frugal to buy other shapes to try. I didn’t have a period for 7 years or so (continuous HBC) and currently menstruate every three weeks, so I’m a newb that is getting lots of practice :smiley:


I don’t remember getting bad cramping from the Lilly cup which was a change from when I used to use tampons.

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Data point of one, but the Mooncup UK doesn’t give me cramps. :woman_shrugging:

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