Advice/recommendation for menstrual cup

I recently went off birth control, and can no longer wear a single pad for an entire day and be fine. I think it’s time that I try a menstrual cup.

Looking for advice on brands, usage, care. And whether you can empty it out without making a huge mess in public bathrooms. Thanks!


I have the diva cup and I like it.

I only need to empty it about every 12 hours, which usually means I can be at home when changing it, at which point I usually rinse it with hot water. If I’m at work or something, with stalls but shared sinks, I’ll usually dump the blood in the toilet and wipe it down with some toilet paper.

My primary recommendation is if you poop, flush before taking out your cup. Otherwise that will be the time you drop it in the toilet.


I have one and love it. I’ve used the same one since 2009. I bought a replacement because I thought I lost my original one, and then found my original one!

There is a learning curve, and certain shapes work better for certain people.
I have a Mooncup (UK variety as I bought it when I was overseas) and it works great for me. I have to empty it 2-3 times on the first heavy day of my period, and than can get away with once or twice per day after that. The best place to deal with it is in the shower.

If you try it and you look like you murdered someone, that’s normal. Again, learning curve. :slight_smile:
I empty it in public restrooms without easy sink access without issue. I just wipe it off with a paper towel and/or toilet paper, and shove it back in.

I boil it before the start of each cycle but don’t wash it during the cycle. Up to you and your comfort level re: bacteria risk if you wash more, but definitely sanitize it before each cycle.


I am posting to follow. I am considering a menstrual cup if I go off hormonal birth control (which I am also considering).


Honestly, it’s super easy once you get the hang of it. It’s been amazing. So much less to worry about/pack/buy. It’s swim/water safe, and pretty leak resistant to high activity.


Can I throw it in the dishwasher? :slight_smile:


I think @anomalily said she did that with hers.


XD It never occurred to me. I think that would horrify Roommate.
I just heat up water to boiling in my electric kettle, put it in a mug, put my cup in the mug, and give it 5 minutes.

ETA: This method is handy because you can do it when you wake up in murder scene without having to wait a long time.


Is it your personal mug or shared? :wink:

I don’t know what Marmalade would think about it. He may not like the idea.



I boil mine just in a small saucepan. It gets washed after. :woman_shrugging:


I used to use a DivaCup and now use a Pixie Cup (Luxe or something like that). I’m not entirely thrilled with the Pixie and intend to try another brand at some point.

I hear good things about the quiz at but haven’t tried the cups it recommended for me yet.

I just rinse mine thoroughly when emptying it (never use antibacterial soap!) and boil it after my period is over in a small pot. D usually looks at it, gets confused as to why I’m boiling a pot of plain water, then looks again, realizes what’s going on, and continues about his business. The pot gets washed afterward.

I can’t empty it without making a mess in my own bathroom, which is why I do it in the shower whenever possible. Days 1-3 of my period I need to empty it every 8-12 hours; after that I can go 24 hours. Thankfully, I’ve never needed to empty it in a public bathroom.


This is true. I had a Diva cup for a while but it hurt about 50% of the time I had it in (sometimes it was fine and sometimes it felt like it was stabbing me, and I could never figure out or fix what the problem was). I ended up abandoning it and I never got around to trying a different brand, but I have had Mooncup recommended to me (you can get them on Amazon in the states).


I have the Luna cup. I am the least hippie person there probably is and I lovvvvvve it. It’s pink, so it doesn’t stain. I do wash it with each use with normal soap and water, but I don’t boil it every time. I don’t have to empty it during the day usually so I put it in in the morning and clean it out when I get home. On the rare occasion that I have to deal with it in a public place it hasn’t been bad at all…you just have to practice at home so you can do it without making a mess. It’s so nice not to have to carry extra supplies, I love it for travel especially. Do it!!!


I have been using a diva cup since I was 17; used to do the mug/boiling water method Oro mentioned, now use the dishwasher between cycles.

I have even done many many shifts of full nude exotic dance with it in!

It was the only thing to use in India since pads and tampons are nearly impossible to find in a lot of places there- so I have had no trouble emptying it In a squat toilet; makes traveling so much easier. Emptied in plenty of public toilets, etc. the worst part is walking out with bloody hands while there’s a queue of people by the sinks though :wink:

There was definitely an adjustment period, especially for my arthritic hands. I saw there’s a new cup with a retrieval ring for arthritic hands and I am interested but probably won’t buy a new diva cup for years.


At the recommendation of someone online, after each cycle I soak mine overnight in 1/2 hydrogen peroxide 1/2 water. Gets all the stains out and looks branny new! I’ve had the same one since 2010, a diva cup (that was all you could find back then, haha). First day I need to empty it 2-3 times, then after that twice a day is fine. Agree that shower is the easiest time. Otherwise I just rinse then pop it back in.

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I find that using my cup when I have cramps really sucks. It pushes against the cramping muscles. Once the crampy part is done the cup is magic.

I trimmed the stem right off mine, and have had sex with it in many times. Mess-free period sex is awesome.


I have a lunette and it’s great. I love going the full day at work without having to do anything about it until I get home.

Also a huge fan of cloth pads - Party In My Pants is great quality and has cute prints.


Having the cup in during my period, it’s 150% more important to keep my bladder empty, otherwise I cramp a lot. It’s odd but definitely a pattern for me.