"Add it Up August" Challenge: tracking the thing you should do

I want to track all the things I harvest and eat from my garden.
Yesterday: 2 strawberries and 1 cherry tomato

There’s no goal with that, so maybe I will track how much housework or pushups or piano playing I do as well.


I’ll track books finished this month. My goal is 5 (I’ve been pretty consistently reading 4 books a month).

I’m at 1 already!


Today: one strawberry and one tomato.

And it’s raining!

The cat sat on the keyboard so he could look out the window and flipped it over and broke a candle holder on the way down. I’ve been an adult and left it like that for a week and half. I really need to clean that up if I’m going to play piano but I don’t wanna.


Exercise at least three times per week. At least two times weekly must be bike rides of a minimum of 45 minutes. I was doing well at this but then the DC July heat arrived and I’ve been slacking.

And, inspired by the others above, 15 pushups each day, right when I get up in the morning.


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I plan to track:

  • 2 political/justice actions a week
  • 2 volunteer tasks a week

Signed up for a bunch of stuff this month and could use the external accountability to make sure it all gets done.


Tracking: Plan to run 200 miles this month and complete at least 12 City Fit Girls Strength Club workouts.

I’m also tracking how many workouts I make my dog do – PT for his weak core and slightly wonky knee. This really should be daily, but I’m going to put my goal at 20 total/5 (5 minute sessions) per week.

I’ll try to think of a non-fitness goal or two in the next day or so!


Yay, monthly challenges are back! I’ll track minutes of physical activity, with a goal of 300 minutes (5h) per week and a stretch goal of 360 minutes (6h) per week.

I’m at 134 minutes so far for the first week of August (kayaking and biking).

Welcome Igelfreundin!


I’m in! I’ll be tracking:

  • Physical activity: Aiming for ~45 minutes a day (30 min cardio, 15 min weights)
  • Art: 1 new piece per day (actually already doing this as part of a 100 day challenge, I’m on day 27 and only missed 1 day so far)

Total thus far: 140 minute of physical activity!


Since it’s monday, I’ll post up what i’ve got so far. Tracking more things than this, but I won’t overload everyone

General activity time: 155 minutes (walks, hiking, moving things around in the garage)
Training Time: 87 minutes
Training volume : 21570 pounds
Protein Intake: 585g (just for sat & sun)
Grocery Spend: $0


@brute, I am tired just reading that. You are an inspiration.


Seven. My arms and abs hurt.

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1 cherry tomato.

I forgot the first day I also ate the last sugar snap pea as I pulled the vines.


We did this yesterday. Except that we got free donuts so we had those instead of bagels. I think it counts.


Eight pushups. Having trouble holding my coffee cup now.


Ok so I need to amend my goals already, since I can tell that dishes and cooking tracking is not going to happen because some of the time it is wholely for myself and some of the time it is for everyone.

So I will track

  • yardwork
  • money spent on groceries

And maybe some other fun stuff added in, like, I really should get back to language stuff…


I have a couple things I’d like to track;

  1. Physical activities - 780 mins total
  2. Webinars for HR training - 4 hours total
  3. Reading - (audio and physical books) - 400 mins total

I want in! I’m gonna track number of days I go on walks (just trying to get myself to do it period so not gonna set a time-based goal) and number of no-spend days!

I walked twice yesterday and spent $0 so I feel like I’m winning so far!


I did a Youtube workout yesterday and hoo boy am I hurting today. It wasn’t even intense, I’m just out of shape I guess. I also have a “thing” where I black out when I exercise so… if someone has any low-impact exercise suggestions, throw them my way??

I also did 30 minutes hula hoop (sounds weird, but it’s a good workout) and a quick walk with my dog. His leg has been bothering him so our walkies have been cut short.