2020 Goals and Vision

This thread is where we can share our goals and/or vision for 2020 :fireworks:

It doesn’t matter if your goals are incredibly detailed and specific or as broad as broad can be: write them up in the way that works for you and then post them here so we can cheer each other on.


This forum is doing more to help me be a better person than anything else I’ve done in recent years.

I love this thread idea. Most of my so-far amorphous goals are environmental impact or personal relationship related. Just seeing your post has me thinking a bit more concretely.

The tldr is: PTF :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::laughing:


Also PTF! Still thinking about what I want my goals to be- I think this will be especially valuable since so much is in the air for me right now. Thank you @HaH!


My big goal for 2020 is paying the house off. If I continue my aggressive weekly extra payments I will be done at Christmas. Currently at $46Kish to go. In 2021 I plan on taking all the mortgage and extra payments to go towards investments. I get it’s probably better to be investing more now but I prefer the security of a paid off house so SO or I could always say F it and change jobs or not with no worries.


2020 Goals

Continue reducing our environmental impact.

  • Specific goal: divert all food waste away from landfill by end 2020. May require trial and error; must remember that false starts and failed attempts are part of the process.
  • Specific goal: increase % of grocery shopping at bulk food shops, farmers’ markets and other independent, local businesses rather than ‘the big three’.
  • Specific goal: dispose of all household waste appropriately (e.g. save up e-waste and take to e-waste collection points; don’t put paint into weekly rubbish collection).
  • Amorphous goal: reduce food waste considerably.
  • Amorphous goal: learn how to repurpose more household waste (e.g. old holey t-shirts into rag rugs).

Make significant progress towards financial independence.

  • Specific goal: build up the offset account by more than $50k over the course of 2020.
  • Specific goal: track spending consistently throughout the year.
  • Specific goal: savings rate of 50% or higher for 2020 as a whole (does not need to be 50% or higher every single month within 2020).

General happiness, house, marriage.

  • Specific goal: garden at least once a week, every week.
  • Specific goal: complete all currently-planned landscaping projects.
  • Specific goal: complete study redecoration project.
  • Specific goal: host Mr H’s 40th birthday party in our backyard.
  • Specific goal: have at least four days over the course of the year on which Mr H and I get to have a date while Ewok is in daycare or being cared for by family.
  • Specific goal: do not sign up or accept offers of any volunteer roles. NO. Don’t do it.
  • Amorphous goal: continue decluttering efforts.

Turn up for My People.

  • Specific goal: establish a regularly scheduled (Surname) Family Dinner with my local siblings, their spouses and kids. This might be fortnightly or monthly, depending on what’s going to work for my siblings.
  • Specific goal: offer babysitting or say yes to a request to babysitting, to local siblings, at least four times over the course of 2020.
  • Specific goal: either visit Sister2 in Melbourne or pay for her flight to/from Perth at least once in 2020.
  • Specific goal: send a minimum of three care packages to friends by post over the course of 2020.
  • Specific goal: send a minimum of three birthday cards to friends by post over the course of 2020.
  • Amorphous goal: continue to use groupchats to maintain regular contact with siblings.
  • Amorphous goal: do a better job of regularly seeing friends I would love to see more frequently (hi OMD Perth crew!).

How will I track these?
I think I will create cute hand-drawn trackers in my paper journal, and then post updates here occasionally to share how I’m going.

I am happy to receive suggestions / feedback on my goals. And I’m not setting them in stone: I can change them or add new goals as necessary :slight_smile:

2020 Vision is still a work in progress.



  • Pay off every single debt
  • Get up to 250k invested


  • Put up fence or pay someone to do so
  • Fix all the drywall holes
  • Have a more productive garden than in 2019
  • Concoct a scheme to get a dog or cat


  • Take a vacation, even a staycation, at the same time as husband
  • Eliminate nagging about babies (planned times for conversations are set anyway)
  • Increase balance in home responsibilities


  • Increase love
  • Increase gratitude
  • Increase happiness
  • Increase work satisfaction

PTF. Will be back once I have a think about 2020.


Thought of a new category I want to address: skills!

  • Learn a language with Greyman. Probably Russian.
  • Learn sign language. I’ve always found it fascinating.
  • Pick up my bass at least once a week and improve my skill.

2020 Goals, Yeti Edition

  • Buy a f$&$ing house already
  • Increase investments by $100k (this might conceivably conflict with goal 1)
  • 550/400/700 Squat/Bench/Deadlift
  • Zero muscle tears while chasing the above goal (would be first time since 2014)
  • Compete in no less than two strongman comps, at least one for national ranking
  • One international vacation
  • Generate a new income stream, be it a start-up or high level consulting
  • Accept that my job is stable even if it is frustrating

The parlay on house goals

  • Truly evaluate if opening a brew-pub is the right thing for me
  • If it believe it is, create 3 year go to market plan and execute

Also doing a PTF. I have a semi-formulated list of 2020 goals, but nothing is concrete right now.

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PTF for goals to come. Right now I am in job hunt/moving mode for the rest of 2019, but I am excited to take time aside to think about what I’d like to accomplish in 2020.


My main goal is, by this time next year, for Boyfriend and I to have a firm destination to move to, where it does not snow. And a plan to get there.

There’s probably more but that’s the big one.


Ooh, this sounds fun


The only two things I thought of were:

  • Maintain my weight and fitness levels during the campaign despite no time to hike and impulse to stress-eat
  • Find a way to be politically involved and get Trump out while preserving my mental health

Even though the general will only be half the year, 2020 in my mind is entirely consumed by the election. My two goals roll up to: please don’t let it all go to shit like it did in 2018.

Anything on top of that would be nice, like finding a bc that works for me, building my social network, making progress in therapy, reducing my environmental impact, etc. But those would be luxuries. I feel like I’m steeling myself for battle, and when you’re going into battle, you can’t afford to care about luxuries.

Writing this out is helping me figure out what I can do ahead of time to prepare.

  • Find a quick, effective, workout so I can still exercise without 3 hour hikes.
  • Focus on assertiveness and boundaries practice over other therapy goals so I can resist the most unreasonable requests.

Forked if I know, but if I figure it out I will post it here.


My most concrete financial goal is to finish (or really, start) all the house projects i have planned so that I can sell in the spring. :grimacing: This also means contacting a realtor, I really hope the one I had when I bought is still practicing because she was great, much better than the one we had in California. Cross my fingers the market doesn’t tank. (It’s been a little flat here the past year, but that is ok. Just no tanking, please.)

Secondly (non-monitarily) improve my language ability in all three languages, concrete new goals for 2020 TBD.

More TBD.


Ooo this is great!

Mostly PTF as I think through this more but I’m pretty sure quitting my job, taking some time to decompress, and possibly starting something new are a big part of that vision.


2020 Aims

  1. Year of the spider. Become less terrified of spiders and other leggy bugs via exposure.
  2. Get better at the decorative part of baking/cooking, continue to improve baking skills in general.
  3. Get a driver’s license.
  4. Find a new passion/indulge regularly in a new/dormant passion. I have an idea for this already but I’d like to keep it private until I’m actually doing it on a regular basis. I find if I vocalize too much about my BIG goals I can sometimes be less likely to achieve them. But it’s already in my head/starting.
  5. Get better at expressing feelings and opinions even when they are not popular.
  6. Continue to build my new community in my new city and to be proactive about finding and maintaining friendships.
  7. Hit a net worth of $190k by the end of 2020.

2020 Goals wheeeeeee

• Have a stable, full-time job :grimacing:
• Pay off all remaining credit card debt
• Save up full 6 month emergency fund
• Keep grocery spending in check: less than $300/month, ideally less than $200.
• Be able to resume small monthly charitable donations by end of the year

• Mindfully eat smaller portions of healthful food, with the auxiliary goal of losing 1-2 lbs a week until reaching desired weight. Enjoy the fuck out of larger and/or less healthy meals as special occasions, but don’t make them a mindless habit. Keep an eye on sugar especially.
• Develop rotation of healthy, easy, tasty meals to cook
• Improve fitness: end of year goal of easily doing 1500 ft of elevation gain. Process: 3 days a week do higher intensity cardio w/ elevation gain for 30 mins. Walk and eventually jog entire length of [local trail].
• Do tiny walks throughout each day to clear head and keep baseline of movement
• Foam roll and lightly stretch each day to prevent back flare-ups
• Improve footing through exercises to prevent ankle injury

• Keep in contact with far-flung friends: say hi to at least one friend a month
• Make in-person friends in current location
• Find a solid music community to play flute
• Figure out some sort of sustainable political activism. Not sure what this will look like yet.

It’s helpful for me to see that I’m already making decent progress at several of these- makes me feel less like every single thing is in limbo.


I want to figure out what I want my FIRE’d life to look like by the time I retire (March 2020!) I feel the need for rules and structure, but I also want to build in flexibility.

I want to be healthier: in my activity levels (hiking and some kind of exercise class), my eating (and dealing with food restrictions), and continuing to go to allergy treatments and acupuncture.

I want to play more music and make progress with piano chamber music and clawhammer banjo!