2020 BINGO -- A choose-your-own-goals challenge

2020 BINGO Will run through all of 2020.

The theme of 2020 BINGO is to fill out a bingo card filled with goals you write yourself.

When a row, column, or diagonal is completed, “shout” (type expressively) BINGO, select a prize from the spreadsheet (make note of any shipping restrictions) and tag the person who provides the prize and a challenge mod or prize distributor will give you your prize.

There is a rewards spreadsheet posted here. BINGO row completers will also get a forum badge!

Making Your Card

Keep in mind a standard bingo card:

Which typically has 25 spaces, with one of those being a free space.

Create a BINGO card with up to 24 goals. Or 25, because some people like to live life on the edge without a free space, or like square numbers… You do you. I’m not the boss of you.

You can do this in whatever way best suits you! On a sheet of paper with stickers for completed tasks, in your bullet journal, in a spreadsheet (which is then easily copied and pasted to the forums, and can be “stamped” with emojis for accomplished goals), in a digital image where you draw something fun over a completed space, whatever you prefer!

Some options to think about for your card:

  • If you have less than 24 goals, you can have the extras as extra free spaces, duplicates of tasks, or blanks to be filled in later. Please try not to put more than one free space in a row, column or diagonal unless necessary.
  • There are tools online where you can fill in a bingo card and have it randomize for you. I’ve been looking at this one, which allows you to randomize just column-by-column if you want. So you can have a column be a category of goals.
  • A goal might be to do something a certain number of times. Maybe you just put a sticker on when they are all done, or put a smaller sticker each time you do it! YOU ARE THE MASTER OF YOUR OWN DOMAIN.



  • One card per person.
  • Goals must be completed after January 1st 2020, before January 1st 2021, and after you set the goal.
  • You can change your goals as much as you want before 2020 starts.
  • You may replace any number goals that haven’t yet been completed with other goals ONCE.
  • If something happens outside of your control that makes it impossible to complete a goal, change it. No hard feelings. Just don’t run a marathon with a broken foot because of this challenge, okay?
  • You can join at any time during the year.
  • When you have finished a row/column/diagonal and are ready to claim your prize for that, make a post that clearly says “BINGO” in the text.
  • Constructive discussion about how to accomplish goals is welcome, but please respect it if someone says a goal is not up for critique on its difficulty or usefulness. Keep in mind the shame-free zone.

Goal-Making Guidelines

  • The only hard rule for what your goals should be is that it shouldn’t hurt others. Do as you will if it harm none.
  • Goals don’t all have to be huge. Be kind to yourself. Have fun. Put “pick my nose” and “pet the cat” in there with “birth a baby” and “buy a house” if you want.
  • You should have a clear idea of what constitutes goal completion. Is “do taxes early” getting them submitted the first week you can file, or just not on the very last day? Are you done when they are accepted or when you leave the tax office? I encourage you to detail this out here if the acceptance criteria isn’t obvious, but it isn’t required.

Yesssssss here I am.

I hadn’t thought of putting the card in the bujo. I like that idea.

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I love you. This is so great.

We will make a forum badge for people who get BINGO! Let me know when people need it!


I love you too!

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I love this but also aargh oh no introspection and goal setting


I may be a bit excited about this.

I’m very proud of finding a way bingo could be an acronym for categories (in case they are hard to read, they are Body, Interests, Net worth, Garden, and Ohm).

I think my goals are all doable. They are all things I’ve wanted to do for long enough that I won’t have regrets about any of them before January.

Though to be honest I am disappointed with myself for not getting something silly on there.


I love this. I made mine in excel. I have 2 blank squares, and can’t think of any cute silly things to fill it. I coloured them by “type” of goal to help me mix up where I placed them, my “official” one will have white backgrounds.



Yours are very nicely spaced by type! I went in the opposite direction and wonder if I’ll regret it :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think I’m going to regret making the holidays time-dependent. But we really, REALLY need to take holidays next year. Maybe I could make them place-dependent instead, and choose where we go next based on which squares I need to fill in my bingo card XD


I appreciate this whole challenge and I extra appreciate this:

I thought I wasn’t going to participate due to lack of goals but I started brainstorming last night and came up with 24 things within a few minutes. Right now it’s just a paper list. I’ll turn it into a bingo card sometime between now and 2020.


Ooh I want to join! Will make a grid tomorrow


A few blanks right now because I need to think more before I fill in the exact details.


ok I totally thought that said “make 3 enemies that are new to me”


I mean, if I make three new enemies in 2020, I’ve certainly accomplished something.


One thing I would maybe be careful of is goals you can’t say whether or not you completed until you hit December 31st. Can you say you’ve kept your foot happy all year if it hasn’t been all year yet? Or can you say you’ve tracked all spending when it isn’t the end of the year?

Just something to keep in mind – it’s totally fine if some goals get accomplished on the last day of the year but BINGO may be harder if too many goals cannot be considered complete until the last day of the year, ya know?


This sounds fun, and I feel like 2 goals a month is very achievable.

I am in, just need to come up with my goals


What a great idea. Now I need to choose 24 out of the millions goals I have and never achieve. That’ll increase the likelihood of them being achieved.


It’s a bit of a calculated risk for some of them. Many of these goals relate to a larger, overarching goal (the AODA candidate year) and involve long term change of habits, not single events. For things like “keep foot happy,” it’s about establishing a sufficient and responsive long term PT practice that minimizes the risk of flares and manages them when they occur. I consider that done when I can look around my life and think, “yeah, I have that habit; it’s rock solid and I’ve maintained it despite disruptions.” It’s super squishy, but it’s also a moment I know how to recognize. It could happen in May… or in December. Or never. Other goals really will need almost the full year to come to fruition, but they’re also the actual goals I have - didn’t make sense to make new ones just for bingo. :wink:

It may be good to rearrange some, though, to make bingo easier :wink: and probably provide detail on others here. This is why posting a card early is handy, edits can still happen, haha.

I do know that I don’t want to SMART goal the shit out of this, because I am very over SMART goals right now.


I’m having fun thinking this through.
Still many more goals to identify. Focusing on FUN.


That’s all I wanted to make sure of! You articulated it well.

I understand being SO OVER SMART goals, but they tend to stick in my head as “what I should do” anyway…