$20 2020 challenge

I’m making my own 2020 challenge. Here are the rules (subject to change based on my whims):

Commit to saving $20 per week or per month in a hard to access or tax advantaged account.

Keep me updated on your success!

If you are able to attempt the harder challenges you may not join this challenge! But if you push yourself to try the 20% and life happens and you drop out of a bigger challenge I will welcome you with a big hug.

I don’t have the authority to grant stickers, but I will provide monthly trophies. These will be late, or done by a substitute the month I produce an heir.

You can have a makeup month if you need it because life is hard.

***This challenge is for you if you are new to saving/investing, very low income or still paying down debt, a minor, prone to a traitorous body or big kid changes. With all those hurdles, it is super amazing to contribute 20/month to one or more big account.

Our cool team
@Janet Jackson

Pandemic update…update me and keep swimming guys. Just keep swimming


Okay- my goals, based on my mat leave money, unknown cost of a baby etc.

In 2020 I will contribute
$20/month to my RRSP
$20/month to my TFSA investment account

When baby elephant shows up and gets a SIN number and government money, zey will contribute $20/month to their RESP.


I like this.

With all the things that have landslid on me the last few months, I was feelin’ a lil sad about not being able to do the other challenges.

So. I’m here!!

Mine are going to change every month or so, but here’s what I want to contribute to!

Extra $20 to my IRA
Extra $20 to my Pet Emergency Fund to rebuild
Extra $20 to my Vanguard

I’ll rotate those three and maybe even do all three in one month if I can, on occasion.



Am I allowed to cheer but not participate? If not I’ll delete this :slight_smile:


You may be our cheerleader!

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I can giiiive you the authority to grant badges (and a lil tutorial) if you want… :wink:


This is a grantable superpower? Is in awe


Oooh can we work on this in January? Thank you!

Yay, a challenge I think I can actually do! I will commit to adding $20+/month to my Roth IRA, as long as it is okay for it to happen in inconsistent lumps. I have trips planned for March, April, and May/June that will increase my spending and decrease my income for those months. But it should still total at least $240 for the year.


Yay!!! I’ll edit the top post right before January to show all our goals. And you are lucky number 3. My favourite number.


Hi Team! And anyone new we can recruit… we’re almost at 2020, time to get those $20 bills ready to go! I have realized that I can’t actually put 20 at a time into my investments, so I’m going to be putting it in my savings account and investing every other month. Or trading between the 2 accounts. When I have the energy to plug in my laptop I will automate it and then tell you!

I’m also hoping to start giving $20 to charity every month, but not as an official goal. My charitable giving has been not great recently. But I did give Wikipedia a 20, so that’s good. I’m all about the 20s. :dollar: Also, $20 bills are the only ones that match these green emojis!


@JanetJackson @TNT
How are your 20s doing?

I have an automated $25 going to my RRSP, and an automated $15 going to a savings account (my trade minimum is $25, so I’ll invest the $30 in February in my TFSA).

I gave $20 in support of a favourite forum.

Next month will be a new adventure!

I wish that other times in my life that I was right on the line I’d invested 10 or 20 a month. I always thought it wasn’t worth it.

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Hey thx for asking.

I set all of my increases and then promptly forgot them, just the way I like and need to do things like this :slight_smile:
So… it’s going well! :slight_smile:


Good job everyone! :confetti_ball: :taco:

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Tonight I sent $82.38 to Vanguard! That covers my $20 pledge for January, plus March, April, and May, when it’s pretty unlikely I’ll be able to contribute. I hope I can do the same in February, making enough to cover my pledge for both February and June. But February being a shorter month, it’s a bigger challenge to bring in enough to do that. Game on.

This challenge has been really helpful! The second half of the month was painfully slow for business, but the first half was so good, I just knew I was going to have a good report for y’all. It was exciting.


Good work! And so smart paying it ahead for months that you might not have as much coming in! $2.38 of June is already covered :blush:


i opened my first savings account with a high yield interest rate aug 2019 & transferred a lot of my money in there. now i’ve just started reading the book & decided to start being more proactive so i have set an auto transfer every month of $40!


Welcome and congratulations!! 40/month adds up faster than you think :blush:.


That’s fantastic!