Yeah they will go through and fix it for you if you give them permission to look at your data.

I also didn’t realize that “reconciling” the account locks the transactions and so (usually) whatever the problem is is from the newer, unlocked transactions. Just in case someone else also didn’t understand what the point of reconciling is.


omg you guys my YNAB credit cards are all fucked up

how do I fix this


I mean it makes no sense but I fixed it I think.

High confidence.


I worked out how to fix mine, lemme know if you want to talk through it.


I’ve solved all credit card confusion by making my new one a “cheque/ savings” account instead of a “credit card” account. No more weirdness.


Giving YNAB a try for budgetober. Set it up last night and I like it so far.


My partner just informed me that our $80 annual subscription for YNAB will no longer be honored once our current sub is up in July, and that YNAB is increasing the price to $100.

On the one hand, I’m paying $50/yr for a Nintendo Online subscription which shakes out to $4.16/mo. My portion of our YNAB subscription would be the same, and that seems like a price worth it to me.

However, on principle, YNAB is doing a crap thing by no longer honoring the lifetime price that we and others have signed up for.

I like the way that YNAB works. assigning all money that I have, allowing me to budget ahead, allowing many categories, allowing manual updates instead of linking my accounts.

Does anyone have recommendations for alternatives that cost less and are similar?


I don’t have ideas, and that is a shitty thing. I already wasn’t keen on the subscription thing. I had planned out a totally fresh budget for January and now I’m wondering if I also want to look into switching elsewhere.

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It’s so disappointing. I’ve used other systems before, like Mint or just a spreadsheet, but YNAB stuck well and functioned well for me. I have problems establishing and maintaining habits and routines :grimacing:


I just realised I can almost guarantee I actually have no capacity to look into alternatives or the effort of changing within the next 6 months.


I’m grandfathered in at $45 a year! So the increase is HUGE to me, up to $89 per year for me (10% discount will still Apply). I don’t renew until July though. I will probably keep paying. I pay $52 a month for Adobe and I get far more value out of YNAB. But the one month notice pisses me off

Tiller is another option- I put it on the video I linked in the other thread.


See this is where I feel like the extra $2 a month to you is worth it, then. I would pay and extra $10 per year to have a system that works for me especially if other systems haven’t worked.

I’m cranky at them


ye-ah…that’s if my partner agrees to continue with it and share the cost, which is unlikely. there’s no way I could pay full price.

Don’t they have some kind of student pricing? Hang on brb
One year free. Hmm.

I’ll keep that in mind, but I feel it would only push off the inevitable if they do keep that option. there are rumors of acquisition.

Yeah I figured same was thinking more along the lines of having a bit more time to find an alternative.


Oooh, I think I also have the original $45 price :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

I am on the lifetime discount of 10% but not grandfathered in price so the price increase isn’t huge for me.

However I did see a tip in the YNAB Fans Facebook group - you can buy a gift subscription before Dec 1 at the current price and then add it to your current plan to extend the timeline where you are paying $86 (current undiscounted price). I also happen to renew on Nov 28th, so that gets me two years of time to figure out if it is worth it to continue to use the system.


Arrrgh I thought I was grandfathered in price, and frankly I still think that’s what I was promised but I can’t prove it. Dagnabbit.

It’s probably worth it to me because I’m used to it and definitely don’t want to rely on free services (if it’s free, you are not the customer, you are the product), but I am grumpy about it.


BTW, I saw an alternative called “Buckets” that people seem to be looking closely at!

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Super annoyed with YNAB right now. I changed the password on some of my accounts and there is no way to just update the password. You have to completely delete the account and then add it again, this time with the updated login information. If you don’t do that, it gives the little wrench next to the account and says imports are delayed. I don’t mind deleting and re-adding the accounts, but since there is a current balance on each of the credit cards they are making me transfer funds from joint checking to cover the amount and I’m afraid it is going to make all of the accounts wrong and then I’ll have to go through and reconcile each one. I don’t want to do all of that work! On mint all I had to do was click “update login information” and update the password.