Working from home questions

I have a question about working from home with a little one, and I know that several forumers do or have done so. I also know that my kiddo is higher need for attention than some other kids, with big feelings and very attached to attachment parenting (and a disabled mum whose capacity for work is greatly reduced). So can I ask for stories about what an hour or day of your working from home looked like with babies and toddlers?


Lots of working during naps, working with kiddo in front pack, playpen or exersaucer or high chair or Bumbo right next to the desk worked well a lot of the time as well.


I worked part time and could do my paperwork and phone calls at home. I had my kids on a schedule so could count on nap time and going to bed at 7 pm to get my work done unless they were sick. It really depends how old your baby is too. The younger the harder I would guess.


+1 to Rabbitarian Also new-to-her toys, activities, and snacks that I plan ahead and switch out during the times when I really need quiet or have a meeting. We also switch off childcare (although she would prefer me), so I try to be in a separate space when I’m not ‘on kid duty,’ so she can’t see me and whine. Other than that, it’s a lot of being creative and relying on flexible work hours so I can work when she’s happy.