Who would you cosplay as?

In a perfect world with endless time and money and skill, who would you cosplay as and why?

Yes, Meowkins is creating an opportunity for her to rant endlessly about shit she doesn’t have time for but loves.


cc @Miichan @meerkat @iualia @agnm @cube

And any other fellow nerds I have forgotten.


Wow this is such an important question and I have to think about it more but want to note that my first thought was genderbent Sakuragi from Slam Dunk! Idek why

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Clara from the recent Demon School Anime!

I love her chaotic energy and the fact that she’s a female anime character who is purposefully unsexualized. She’s meant to just be insane, haphazardly effective, and above all entirely herself. Also her props and costume and abilities are all bonkers, like meeeee.

Yumeko Jabami from Kakegurui


We look similar already and I love everything about her character design and development. Seemingly kind, sweet, normal high schooler than turns out to be a thrill seeking, reckless and effective gambling pro.

Yuno Gasai from Future Diary

Similar vibe. Stalkery fan girl high school turns out to be homocidal megawarrior who ends up protecting her lover from all threats. What can I say.

"Nezuko from Demon Slayer

Beloved older sister who cares for the family is turned demon. Her brother carries her on his back as he searches for a cure. She is occasionally motivated to destroy and kill anyone who threatens her baby bro.

Maika from Blend S

Normal girl just trying to make ends meet, ends up working at a maid cafe without realizing her job is to make customers feel feelings by scorning them. I would excel.

In Sum,



an uncanny likeness!!! Needs dirt and blood tho


Just posted this on my journal, this cosplayer is SO cool at the genderbending

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  1. xena
  2. ursula
  3. tanya from “the white lotus”


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  • That Sesshomaru was really inspiring, wow. And youkai stuff always reminds me of Sha Gojyo <3
  • Claudia Kishi
  • Aziraphale - either super faithful to the show or else in some really specific AU I can’t come up with rn
  • Gothita the pokemon
  • Eris from Sinbad Legend of the Seven Seas

or ok in a perfect world I would want the above answers but Pac Rim crossovers but maybe some as solo pilots?

  • Sesshomaru and Rin as copilots?
  • Gojyo and Hakkai??
  • Aziraphale and Crowley would probably not make sense as pilots though hmm idk

this is hard :))


The little black puffs in Totoro


omg or Spirited away

Let’s all dress our kids up as black puffs


Olenna Tyrell


My halloween costumes aside… :slight_smile: cosplay makes me think mostly of the few mainstream-y animes I’ve seen like Cowboy Bebop and Trigun. And Nash is way more my level of silliness. I’m not cool enough for Spike. In video games, I am partial to StarCraft… just being any run of the mill protoss Zealot would be kind of sick!

A bit like this but with blades of light on each arm to be more realistic :sweat_smile:

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I don’t watch this show but damn what an amazing character design. I love it.

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Okay so my current wishlist:

  1. Coco from Witch Hat Atelier

The art is gorgeous, the story is fantastic, can we talk about how cute the capes and dresses are? Wholesome, delightful, I want more people to read this story.

  1. Yor from SPY x FAMILY

Yor is a secret assassin by night and a loving mom by day. She has cozy costumes and SECRET MURDER costumes. She’s deadly effective and also ditzy clueless and always warm and loving.

  1. Kitagawa from My Dress Up Darling.

This one feels kinda like cheating lol because it’s an anime about cosplay. But I love Marin’s amazing energy.


Oooh fun topic!

Either Nora or Yang from RWBY



I would need a wig or a hair cut and dye to pull of Nora or some inflatable titties to pull off Yang.


If I had the patience to grow my hair out I think I could do a pretty sweet Edward Elric.


My big highlights for potential cosplay:

  • Princess Serenity / NeoQueen Serenity & variants thereof like steampunk, etc.
  • SM anime “healed” Galaxia with the blonde-to-crimson hair
  • Sango from Inuyasha, also Kagura, probably also Setsuna from YashaHime now
  • Neviril from Simoun flight suit / Simoun cosplay group
  • Padme’s lake dress because pretty flowy silk mostly
  • Suiseiseki from Rozen Maiden, also Suigintou
  • Steampunk Ozma w/ a Dorothy pair
  • Utena from Revolutionary Girl Utena
  • Akemi Homura, various guises, including Homucifer. Also Madoka & Godoka.
  • Hachiko-Nana w/ a Nana Osaki pair

Basically badass ladies, super fancy dresses, and obscure-ish Sapphic characters. Sometimes all three in one!


Hm. So, I have a Killer Frost cosplay, a Buffy Prophecy Girl cosplay in the works (this is for my Buffy-themed krewe), and eventually I’m going to resurrect Vamp Willow which I’m really excited about - I had a half-assed cosplay of her probably a good 20 years ago and I’d like to do it properly.

My Facebook memories recently reminded me that I’d really like to cosplay Alice from Batwoman. She has the prettiest clothes.