💯 What would you do with $100 right now?


Can I change my answer? Apparently I have aggressive, seed-shooting weeds in my backyard and now I desperately need a flame weeder.


My pottery instructor brought one in to make me happy (and dry insides of pots) because I’m a pyro and they look like something out if Mad Max. I 100% support this choice.


A bunch of pretty drapery tops. Or shoes. But do I also get 24h of free time to go shopping?

Maybe underwear. All my underwear is a disaster.


Probably another pair of runners so I can alternate for my longer walks (5k+). But it isn’t the $100 that is really holding me back.


I would purchase an tens unit/e-stim machine for my knee

or a new pair of Hokas for work

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I have a pretty cheap TENS I got on Groupon like 6 years ago and I do recommend them.
I use it on my busted up parts (generic term for multiple old sports injuries) and have yet to unpack it at the new house.

Thanks for the inspiration- I’ll use it tonight!


I would call in sick instead of going to work feeling crappy. (like someone else said, it’s not the $100 holding me back really) I just need a push to do something to take care of myself for a change.


oh, a heating pad. I’m supposed to get a heating pad. That would be more meaningful than a second pair of runners.


Again, this $100 needs to come with reminders and time carved out to go spend it


Would $100 buy me a tool to dig out my traitorous right ovary and throw it on the ground? I’d spend it in a heartbeat today. I’ve had recurring dreams of walking into a KFC restaurant, grabbing a spork, and doing just that, but in my waking life I’d rather not support single use plastic :stuck_out_tongue:


A $100 I already spent - boarding the dog instead of taking her with us for Easter weekend. We could have taken her with us but it would have been a whole bunch more logistics and an additional “channel” going in my mind (like my brain is a bank of tv screens playing different shows at the same time) to make sure she didn’t jump up on the couch and she got walked enough etc. We boarded her for three nights when we only needed one because the kennel wasn’t open at the time we wanted to leave Saturday morning and did not do check outs on Sunday. In hind sight, it was worth it.


That’s a great analogy. My brain operates in that way as well.

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Honestly…spend twenty in Sephora and save the other eighty.