What were your favorite Billfold articles?

So, I was never a billfolder. But the love I see for that site from its community is really wonderful, so I want to see what I’ve been missing out on! What were some of your favorite articles, or comment threads, or something a newbie to the community just Should Not Miss? Thanks =)

Originally, the site was run by Mike Dang and Logan Sachon. Mike was the responsible one, a child of immigrants, and Logan had issues with impulse spending. They had some really great conversations about debt, what we owe to our parents, etc. It really set a different tone than other financial advice sites, and even after they left the site still focused a lot on our emotions about money.


I was sort of a latecomer to the Billfold (if you count discovering it in 2015 late, ha). Not sure there’s any one piece I’d recommend-- it was just great watch the various contributors/editors make financial progress/deal with setbacks. And just achieve goals in a broad sense, too. The site gave me accountability partners when I had none in real life (and really, still don’t).


I didn’t frequent the Billfold, but at some point in my life I did stumble across the article “A Story of the Fuck Off Fund” by Polly Perhach. It’s phenomenal.


I really liked Nicole’s stories of how grown-up fictional characters do money. Especially the Harry Potter ones, because obviously.


I am looking this up now. I am SO HAPPY.


Link link link! Please!

Aqui aqui!


Those are excellent. It’s like financial fan fic. @Oro you seen this? :smile:

I got completely lost in those HP articles and really loved the Fuck off Fund one. Thank you!

Those HP articles made my day. Thank you @Clare-Dragonfly for that.


These are fabulous.

Glad the Fuck Off Fund got mentioned already, because that’s how I found Billfold. The other one I loved (and my girls loved it too) was the letter from Richard to Emily Gilmore. https://www.thebillfold.com/2019/02/classic-billfold-how-gilmore-girls-do-money-richard-gilmore/


I liked the How Harry Potter Characters did money and the Gilmore girls one. Also the “Fuck off Fund”

The Foff fund and the places I’ve lived articles.