What Websites Would You Use or Do You Use?

I’m looking for websites/youtube channels, etc. that will push my boundaries a bit.

I do extensively: frugality websites, youtube, etc. Both in general and cooking. I watch some true crime.

But what I see is mostly just that. I am not engaged with the science fiction community anymore and have no interest in watching a lot of movies and/or getting into lots of discussions about SF or almost anything else.

I’m looking for ideas: ideas to explore and research on my own, not publishing, true crime, media (MCU, etc) or frugality.



What do you want more of in your life? What are things that bring you joy?


On Youtube you can try

PBS Space Time
PBS Eons


I enjoy the stuff put out by the vlog brothers!
Crash course on YouTube is education based :slight_smile:


You know, I have no idea?

I spent so many years in so much pain that all I wanted was to “not hurt.” When I got there, it was such a relief that I really didn’t want anything else except to go to ground.

I’m at the end of that. Not hurting is wonderful. But I don’t know if I should explore Chinese history, Irish politics, or ? And I have no idea what “sparks joy” because that was such a pipedream/impossible for decades.

What fascinates me is dark ages/neolithic technologies. How people got things done before metal: food, housing, etc. all those base layers of Maslow’s heirarchy. How people managed with less: during wartimes as well. Resourcefulness maybe?


Didn’t know about those. Thanks!

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Never heard of them… I’ll look!

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There are a bunch of British reality shows like Victorian Farm that you might like. And I like Time team. The Noble Blood podcast is really fun. Reading romance and cozy mystery novels.

After I got divorced I did things like reading at the beach solo, long walks, listening to different kinds of music to see if I like it. Youtube music now has playlists from introducing Mozart to introducing Taylor Swift. Maybe an in person or virtual book club?

Beryl Shrewsky has a fun youtube show trying different foods. I tried some new standup comedians so now youtube and youtube shorts suggest those.

Brad Mondo gets you into different hair stuff

More food YouTubers: rainbow plant life, plant chompers, goodbye lupus

For new books I like using my library’s available now feature to limit my selection.

If you have kindle unlimited Emma Leech or Mark Dawson are wildly different fluff.

Newer platforms seem to have weirdly good algorithms. I hear people say tik tok figured out they were gay or autistic before they did by what content held their interest for linger so it could help you find new interests.


On YouTube, I really enjoy the Insider “risky business” and “so expensive” videos. Vox “missing chapters” is really good too.


These are cool books i like. The primitive technology is based on a YouTube. There’s a reality tv series called Alone based on people surviving on primitive tech.


YES Alone is so addictive and you start convincing yourself you can do it better! Guess who my fave is(hint I almost bought her tinctures)

It is also on Hoopla or Kanopy. One of the library thingies


I like Time Team although I hate the “ads” for the History Hit Network…

Not quite that far back, but I like the Townsends YouTube for “how people lived” and cool preindustrial technology in Colonial era North America.


Along these lines I’ve had “How to Invent Everything” by Ryan North on my recommended/to read list for a long time.

On a different topic, there’s a fun documentary on Netflix, The History of Swear Words. I’m sure there’s other good documentaries on different topics but I’m sleepy and they escape me right now.


I enjoyed How to invent everything, but I think it was a little lighter/ more humorous than what I was hoping for, and less like…and actual practical guide (despite being a completely non outdoorsey nerdy kid I still had a weird obsession with Ray Mears and various survival books and I think I never quite lost that :joy: ).


Some of the Netflix “explained” episodes are fun little dives into stuff. Pretty broad range too so it could be a neat place to start with exploring interests.


Husband and I are also big Time Team fans. If you have Prime, there’s a lot of it on there without ads (not all, but there are many seasons).

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Wow. Okay, now I have a lot of exploring to do… thank you all!