What Purchases Do You Reccomend?

I kind of want to start a BIFL thread, but without whining and arguing.

So I want you to brag about purchases that worked well for you (good value for money, good durability)…and if you send out that positive message, then you can end with a request for an item you’re looking to find a good one of.

No yucking someone else’s yum. Somebody’s great purchase is probably bad for the environment or made in a sweatshop… Like at least one of mine :face_vomiting:. But it’s the best that the poster did. Obviously in this modern era we should all research before copying.

My amazing purchases I love

  • H&M and Primark wide strap tanks. They are beasts
    -costco leggings, the thick ones
    -old navy maternity leggings
    -motherhood maternity t-shirts

These are all soft, last well, and give me more value than I expected

My Matt and Nat purse. Everytime I replace it with another purse, the old one shreds and dies. Then I switch back and it just keeps looking like new. To the point where I am looking at wallets and a bigger purse on eBay.

-Sears knock off Canada Goose down winter coat. It is the warmest coat I’ve ever had, it is still warm after many washings. If I’d chosen a different colour and not accidentally melted the faux fur on the hood it would look completely new. I hope the knock off company is still thriving without Sears.

I want…sandals as comfy as Birks, that last a long time, and can at least be out to dinner appropriate. And I can own just one pair of sandals. So beach, forest, city, restaurant

I am so grateful that I’m living a life where I can gradually curate things that work just right for me.


for sandals, i looooooove Tevas, a range of styles from beach bum to slightly more hippie chic for fine patio dining

I have these sandals and they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned.

I wore them on vacation, walked 20,000-plus steps per day and absolutely zero foot pain of any kind. That’s unheard of for me.

I love my cuisinart immersion blender. I’ve had it for about 14 years and it’s still going strong! It’s outlasted practically every other appliance I own.


I have a couple Le Crueset cast iron pots that are amazing. One was a gift, one we bought ourselves.
Also a gift, but my Technivorm Moccamaster coffee pot has been worth every penny.

Usually, I check the Buy Me Once website when I need to replace something in my house. There are a lot of things I’d rather spend more money on and get better quality or a lifetime guarantee than have to replace it again in a year or two.

What I’m dying for? A pair of comfortable jeans that will last me more than a year. Preferably ones that aren’t going to cost $200+ in order to last that long.