What are you gifting your family?

I know not everyone gives gifts, but if you do, how is your list coming?

I’m a bit more stuck than usual, but so far:

  • Mom and SIL may both get mini photo printers (4x6)
  • Youngest sister: Maybe tickets for a show (we enjoyed this last year). Maybe some pretty Asian dishware, which she enjoys/collects.
  • Middle sister & BIL: have a board game put by but need something else.
  • Grandma: probably clothes, I haven’t fully outfitted her yet.

FIL and Dad are always hardest for me.

This thread was inspired by @meerkat’s Black Friday thread.


I need to figure out gifts… My mom and MIL love the digital photo frames I got them but I need other ideas now.

I usually venmo my mom to get my dad a nice bottle of whiskey or wine.

I often get my mom a book or book series.

Unless my siblings ask for something specific I just sent them money lol.


I’m the gift captain in the family, so no one fuss that husband isn’t doing his own gifts lol. It’s easy for me since I’m quarter mastering everything else anyway, I grab stuff that comes up in deals group as the year goes by and track it in Evernote what I have. Easy for me. I retain the right to outsource anything to him if I get stuck.

Both grandmas, “from” the kids: changeable kid art frame with kid art. Chatbooks monthlies converted into a yearbook. Possibly a Shutterfly ornament, MIL loves custom ornaments.

SirB’s family is doing secret Santa. I got BIL2’s BF, so I’m getting him silly cat stuff (a cat themed de-stress coloring book and a tiny cat nightlight) and a grocery store GC. Husband got SIL, so “he’s” getting her a llama planter with a succulent, a sober mixology book and some NA mixers (she went NA a few months ago).

My family-
Brother 2 is getting a silly duck lamp, probably a luggage tag with a picture of his dog
Brother 1 is getting worlds smallest boggle, worlds largest boggle, and spicy dilly beans
SIL 1 is getting a screen printing craft set, and a wood animal puzzle
SIL 1s sister (unofficial family, attends all fam events): TBD, possibly a little wooden built a cafe set
Charitable contributions for at least SIL1+bonus SIL
SIL 2: Penzey’s GC, not sure what else, she’s a practical minimalist sort like me, we’re awful to gift for :joy: what she really wants is the GC

Both FILs Are ???

Cousin: Sarah’s silks ribbons and a silk
Latte: TBD plus charity contribution in her name
Luna: TBD plus charity contribution in her name


Both our families are HUGE on gifts and Christmas. I am not naturally a big gift giver, so I have to plan ahead for months lol. Or I panic.


I might make an official no (big) gifts pact with spouse. We get ourselves enough and generally give ourselves more crap about shipping than we do each other. Or we’ll count the airfryer I want as a family gift to ourselves.


One kid gets headphones, the other gets a smart watch.
My dad wants new hankies and my mum wants a gift card for flower bulbs.
I’m doing art for one friend and taking two others to see a comedy show.
I think that’s it?


Oh yeah husband and I don’t do gifts :joy: we’ve had to start pretending since our oldest gets sad we don’t give each other stuff! So we just buy shoes on Black Friday and wrap them for each other :joy:


I’ve ordered stuff before and handed it to Mr. Meer and informed him he and Kiddo have to wrap it for my gift. Last year he got me a bunch of cardigans (that he shopped for himself) and when he came home he asked if I wanted it to be a surprise or not. I said not because of wanting to be able to do returns if it didn’t fit, lol.


Ohhh that’s genius and that’s what we’ll do! I want to exchange gifts so that my son isn’t the only one receiving gifts but I also don’t really want to exchange gifts.

I really want some more bombas socks - so I’ll order some on Black Friday and wrap them up!


Precisely our conundrum :joy:


Link please??


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I think I’ll give most of my people local jam and homemade caramel sauce this year.


Oooh a custom ornament is a great idea. MIL and mom would love a Mo ornament. A Mornament, if you will.


Shutterfly has a good app and they’re all 50% off if you order by like… the 19th I think.


I was literally thinking about this earlier today.

  • Mom: magnifier sheet for reading, and I want to get her a cheap Chromebook but I think she would kill me because $$$
  • Dad: homemade slippers
  • FIL: book (already have this)
  • MIL: ???
  • Wizard: ??? (but easy because he will just tell me lol)
  • Bestie: ??? very difficult because she doesn’t like Things – might do Gaza aid donation?
  • Seattle Friend: ???
  • Seattle Friend 2: ???
  • Seattle Friend 3: ???

My family draws names for gift giving, so

  • Dad is getting hand knit wool socks
  • Niece is getting a hand knit scarf (probably)

Sibling families will likely get curried cashews
My parents will likely get several freezer meals and curried cashews
ILs will likely get a flower arrangement + booze
overseas niblings tbd

I don’t think the shadowy one and I will be exchanging gifts this year. tbd. I got the financial advisor this year. So arguably I should get the shadowy one the bird watching binoculars, but also my dad might gift us theirs…


Hmmm….well….we give gifts to DSis #1, her DH and adult DD. This year we may add her DS#1 & his fiancé. Then to DSis#3, her DH and adult DD. Then to our two DD & their DHs. And to each other.

For me this year will be a bits and pieces homemade Christmas. Everyone is grown and we really don’t do a lot of gifts anymore.

DSis#1= we decided no gifts earlier this year. I did a lot of sewing for her new kitchen, and hooked her a small rug. I may give her a gift card to her fav book store.
Her DH = a gift card to his fav bookstore.
Her DD#2 = I’m sewing pj bottoms.
Possibly her DS#1 & his fiancé = they are getting married next year. Been living together for 5 years. Not sure what to get them.

DSis#3 = yet to be determined
Her DH = not sure. He’s a hard one to buy for. He doesn’t like the whole commercial aspect of Christmas.
Her DD#2 = a handmade ornament, art supplies.

DH = chocolate and ???
DD#1 = chocolate, a journal. We donate to a charity of their choice in their name every Christmas. Usually the public library.
DSiL#1 = candy, and ???
DD#2 = hm fruit leather, hand & feet warmers. Walks to work every day.
DSiL#2 = milk chocolate…and lots of it! Socks, those hand and feet warmers. He walks to work in sub-zero temps in winter.

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Would they like matching pyjama pants? I know my DH and I would! (okay, I would and he likes any pj pants and would still be excited, just not about matching)


Good idea. She sews though, so I imagine makes theirs.