We are Live on Kickstarter!

The 2nd print run of the Oh My Dollar! book is live on Kickstarter!

Interruption for some shameless promo, campaigns like this are what keeps OMD running.

The first 100 backers get a special edition Kitty Starbudget sticker, and I’ll make sure forumers get some extra love in their packages too. Click here to back:

YOU CAN GET YOUR CAT (or puppers) on a set of planner stickers!!

P.S. The shipping to Australia, Canada, and the UK is very unreasonable for the books but VERY REASONABLE for stickers and the wall calendar!

Sorry I can’t make the postal system cheaper!

P.P.S. If you DM me after you pledge, I’ll make sure you get the special forum badge for Kickstarter backers :slight_smile:


There’s only 5 Kitty Starbudget stickers left!

I’m just wondering what happens if you buy a book now - after the kickstarter has already been funded. Do you have to wait to reach the minimum order again before shipping out books?


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Not at all! They ship immediately.