Wanna play D&D?

Hi there! I’m looking for some players for a D&D game I’d like to run. I wrote up a thing like a Q&A below.

You’re doing the what now?
Dungeons and Dragons! I’m going to run a short game which will probably be … six sessions long? Ballpark? The vibe I’m going for is Princess Bride (as opposed to Lord of the Rings or Star Trek or gothic vampire world or cyberpunk … but btw if anyone wants to run a cyberpunk game please hit me up.) I’ve set it up to be sort of “monster of the week/month” rather than having a long term plot and you’ll be starting with pre-generated level 1 characters.

How many people do you need?
Three to five. @Smacky already said she’s interested, come join us!

What if I want to roll my own character instead of using the pre-generated one?
Works for me! I’m excited to see what you make. You’ll still be level 1 though.

But what if I’ve never played before?
Totally fine! We’ll help you. Come on in, make yourself comfy. Like Ms. Frizzle said, take chances, make mistakes, get messy.

Either Monday or Tuesday nights (I’d prefer Tuesday nights) starting at 7:30pm Eastern running till 9:30 or 10. We’ll try this out and see if it works for people or if it’s too short to get anything done. I have a few tools in mind to help things along even with shorter sessions.

Speaking of tools, how the heck do we play?
The website Roll20 is available for free and will house the game part of it. I figure we can use the OMD Discord for audio, so having a headset with a mic will be very helpful. I also want the players to maintain a notes document so everyone knows what’s going on at the beginning of the next session, so Google Docs seems like a good way to have collaborative notes. I’m also going to have a Session Zero to get started.

What’s a Session Zero?
I’m treating it as a set up session. At the beginning of the game the player characters already know each other, session zero will give us a chance to talk out how they met (recently? long ago?) and maybe try out some combat in a way that doesn’t “count” so if your character accidentally fireballs themselves into death it’s fine, session one will start off like that didn’t happen. I will also be going through some safety tools, which is a way to make sure everyone is going to have a fun time and not have to worry about a violent scene coming from nowhere and making you feel uncomfortable. For example, child endangerment is a hard no for me. I think in terms of movie ratings this game will be around PG/PG-13.

Anything else?
Uuuuh, not that I can think of? If you have questions feel free to ask.


I’m in!


If we can make the timing work, I can commit to 6 sessions.


Sounds good. One thought I had with the “monster of the week” vibe is it’ll make it easier for people to dip in and out if they know life is about to get busy.


@neovonretorch is fucking rad to play with too.


I can concur, Zino is the bessssssttttt


I have created a roll20 account and will create a character instead of doing the work I have to get done. Thank you for the excuse to procrastinate.

My username is Flint McFloogle.


This sounds fun, and I can commit to the time if you’ll have me! (also, there’s an OMD discord??)


Sure! PM’d you the Discord link.

Does anyone know if there’s a reason I shouldn’t post the OMD Discord here? Google did just tell me that for those who are already “in” to share it, right-click on the OMD server icon on the left menu bar and an Invite People option is there.


So right now we have four people, there’s room for one more:

Also if you don’t want to/can’t join now but might be interested in joining in the future if a spot opens up, let me know.


Im interested in suggesting this to Ponder, will discuss with him in the morning. I think it would be over our morning time which I can handle by myself once a week.


It’s me! Super interested in the concept, not a fit at the moment with my other commitments. In Central US timezone.


Someday I’ll play D&D again. Maybe when my kid is old enough to put himself to bed because the time between “wiggler bedtime” and “Clare bedtime” is clearly insufficient.


We have one spot still open if anyone wants to join at the start, our first session (session 0) will be next Tuesday the 16th.