veganuary anyone?

Today I had a vegan breakfast of Brussels sprouts, mushrooms and Just Egg and it was very good.

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Black bean sweet potato burgers are really good. And I bet pinto would make good burgers too!

Taco bell bean tacos might have been okay without cheese, but supply chain issues meant they were out of sauce.

I put this in my journal too: I have roasted veggies over black and garbanzo beans with olive oil and balsamic vinegar on top. I am SO FULL and I call this a vegan dinner win.


I need a little help figuring out how to do this better with my new dietary restrictions required by my medication.

I’m supposed to be getting a lot of protein, yet not more than 30g of fiber. And few simple carbs.

Beans are my usual go-to for proteiny veg, but they are full of fiber.

I’m unclear on whether I should be avoiding soy since I’m trying to conceive?



Protein ideas!
Hemp, sunflower, chia etc
Sunflower seeds or walnuts give you a nice meaty texture if you like that kind of thing

Soy is probably fine, but in normal amounts

Can you do gluten? Seitan either homemade or bought

Processed foods if you’re into that: protein shakes, fake meat, just eggs