Useful consumerism (ie, post your Black Friday etc finds here)

Started this mainly because I like what cooks venture is trying to do, and they’re doing a good sale. But then that got me wondering about other helpful or life enhancing type things people are finding. Please share!

I’ll start with the text I got from the chicken/meat company:
Cooks Venture: This year, give the gift of pasture-raised chicken. Get $40 off a $150 gift card! Use coupon code CVBF40 at checkout to redeem the offer.

Next up, Latte loves the Chatbooks monthly mini books. They’re a good way to do photos without a screen. They’re 30% off today, code “stack”. I have a $10/$10 referral code if anyone is interested, but I’ll wait to post that if someone requests- don’t want to seem spammy, I’ve just like their products.


I’m addicted to The Book Bundler.

The sell used books, and their mixed bundles have been great for us. They have a no duplicates guarantee per order, but of course, across multiple orders you might get a few of the same book.

Half Price Books is nowhere near me, so we don’t have a good place to get used books here.

They are 25% off for black Friday.

I got 2 bundles of the mixed readers (my kids LOVE these), and another set of Look and Finds (also a favorite of the kids.)

I’ve also found a crap ton of nail polish sales, if anyone needs a suggestion…haha


Woah this is awesome!!! Great rec!

I bought a discounted Samsung phone for dh from Google Fi (was tipped off to the sale here) and an inexpensive 15.6" Acer laptop (original $400, I paid $160) for us to watch movies and tv in bed.


I had posted this on my journal but I am super excited about getting these sheets! At least from touching them in the store they felt like the perfect sheet and what I’ve been hoping to find for years. If you like heavier “rustic” soft sheets (the opposite of silky sateen kind) these are so nice. I don’t know how they hold up but Tuft & Needle has a 100 day sleep trial and you can return them during that time, no questions asked. The charcoal is dark grey (not as dark as in the photos), cloud is white, sand is off-white, sage is actually what it looks like, and slate is a dark blue-grey.


I’ve been holding off on purchasing a few things I needed because I thought they might go on sale, and I got lucky with a few.

I got a year’s worth of my favorite shampoo/conditioner from Ouidad which had 30% off and free shipping.

I needed a non-stick pan, and Costco has a nice 3 set of ceramic pans online that I’ve been eyeing for a few months, and they are $12 off this weekend. I also went to Costco in a fit of bravery, because I really wanted a giant bottle of fruit/veggie juice, and I got an organic turkey for $11!! I’m going to make a huge pot of turkey gumbo to eat for days


I have been wanting a food processor forever but have been stressed about the fact it seems like they are generally expensive to get something quality. Really not great luck finding a good one used. Bed bath & beyond has 25% off store wide and free same day delivery. I was able to get $65 off the food processor and it’s coming at 3PM today? When I ordered it this late morning?


40% off site wide with free shipping and free returns at Clark’s.


Blueland is having a 20% off sale sitewide: (Their hand soap bottles are crap, but I like their hand soap, dishwasher tabs, and laundry tabs. Their dish soap powder is super weird but I actually really like it haha).

Bobo’s oat bars are 30% off right now: Their bars and bites are great for hiking snacks, quick breakfasts, and “stave off the hangry” snacks

Injinji toe socks are 20% off right now: They are weird and kind of expensive, but I hike and run in nothing else these days, and they seem to be holding up well to abuse.

Well that was a weird-ass assortment of things but there you go lol


I’ve had some injinjis for almost a decade that we hiked a lot in (not so much recently side eyes the toddler) and they’ve held up super well.


I just bought a handful of really good teethers as future baby gifts for people, and I’m waiting for Sunday when a shop has a sale on their eco paint powders and crayons for future kid party presents…


I just want to say: put in an order for this food processor from BB&B at 10:30AM. It arrived at 12:47PM… I don’t even live that close to a BB&B!


Probably couldn’t have even gone there, shopped, and gone back home in that amount of time!


this is my favorite gentle, soothing moisturizer of all time and it’s on SUPERSALE 50% off at sephora right now. kiehl’s eye cream is also 50% off.


Oh that is a really good deal on that!


Definitely not without a car! It’s a 1 hour bike ride there or 1 hr, 20 min transit ride!


@wooljaguar had recommended this product!

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Oops, looks like some boots fell into my cart. How did that happen?


Same :sunglasses:

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The Starbucks app (at least here, I am not at your location) is offering a $5 gift card if you send someone a $20 gift card. I sent myself a lovely, thoughtful $20 Starbucks gift card and voila! They gave me $5!


I’m obsessed with Omsom, easy meal starters for classic dishes from all over Asia:

Everything on the site is 20% off this weekend and shipping is free over $35. The business is run by two Vietnamese American sisters and they do a lot to uplift Asian and Asian American chefs.

We’ve made our way through the Best Seller set, and everything has been great, both to my “raised on Panda Express” white lady palate and my wife’s more discerning tastes. My dad’s family does bougie food gift baskets for the holidays, and this year everyone is getting Omsom samplers.