two different tax refund numbers from different sites?

Hello here’s the breakdown:
-I have two separate 1098-Ts from two different schools ($16k, I didn’t see any of this money)
-I have a W-2 ($2k)
-I have a 1099-NEC ($3k)

TurboTax is applying the American Opportunity Credit for me ($982) and saying I have a refund of $1410, which is a chunk of cash! But they are making me pay $168 to file because I have a 1099-NEC. I also started a return with FreeTaxFileUSA, which is estimating my refund at $414 and charges $15 to file, but won’t apply the American Opportunity Credit.

What should I do?

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Try a third site?

TaxAct should be free at your income level. You have to go through the free file alliance to get to the free one.


Agreed, and here’s the link to the IRS site to get to the free file partners. That way, you start from the .gov so you know you’re in the right place.