Two checking account system?

So, this came in an email from navy federal. Ive not seen the two checking account strategy, and the article says it’s a new study. Would it work for a lot of people, I wonder? The idea seems to be to keep people from running out of money for essentials. Also, are there checking accounts without fees available, or would this make the bank twice as much in the way of fees?

I know a fair number of people that use this system. I don’t just because I budget my checking account using external software

there are lots of fee free checking. I always tell people to move banks if they are paying a checking account fee!

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Well, good. We would pay a fee on the accounts that we have if we didn’t keep a 1k minimum in there, but there are options at our bank that don’t have any fee. I’ve just never bothered to rearrange things since we always have a buffer. Wasn’t sure how universal that possibility was, though, Actually for people that don’t have as much buffer. It used to be much harder to find fee-free checking

I have 4 separate checking accounts, and 4 savings accounts as well :eyes: I don’t pay fees on any of them! I just really like to have savings buckets, and I’m a very visual person so I love seeing the money in their individual accounts and knowing I have a car fund, e-fund, save for something fun fund, etc all separated out.