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It’s time for my favorite post of the year… the post where I tell you my annual report zine is back!
For over a decade, I’ve mailed out hundreds of copies of my annual report zine to folks as my little way of saying THANK YOU. I figure - you’re an investor in the community and content of Oh My Dollar!, you might as well get an annual report in the mail as a shareholder of a corporation would.

This year they go to everyone who is signed up as an OMD Patron. and fills in this form. before January 17th.

I personalize a note and send one to patrons at any level - including $1 patrons - high tier patrons essentially subsidize the cost of postage and printing for lower tiers, etc. This is open to every single country, though you may need some patience for it to arrive far from the US.

You can join as a patron for $1, fill in the form, and then leave if you like. I won’t take it personally! It’s just the best way to organize this.

If you are already a patron, you need to fill in this form by January 17th.

I hope that receiving a zine can bring a smile to your face. It’s sort of my secular holiday card, albeit a very nerdy one and one that doesn’t come out til January. If you want a preview of the zine - which will have a lot more than finance in it - you check out my financial stats from this year (I saved 62% of my income in 2020 - over $30,000, more than I usually make in a year).

If you want to see previous year zines, you can find 2016 here, 2015’s here, 2014’s here and you can see a talk I’ve given on the project at the Quantified Self Conference here and here.

Sending energy for a much better 2021 for everyone,

P.P.S. If you’re deeply opposed to patreon, I’ll be posting these on my shop in February. It will be online for everyone to look at - although not with cute personal notes and not with nice printing - on January 31st.


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