Thinking Ahead, for a Change!

I have my first batch of greens drying for the year. I made myself think about what that meant and pulled 2 containers of soup greens from the freezer and 1 of dried greens from the pantry .The old greens are in the compost bucket.

Usually what happens is that I start doing this, as I’m supposed to do it every week spring - fall and forget to cull the old. My pantry and freezer become stuffed, I get overwhelmed and put it off until I absolutely can’t avoid it any longer.

So, my victory is that I thought of this. I culled 2 containers of last years’ food and 1 container of dried celery leaves hiding in a corner of the pantry (from 2020!). I automatically have more food storage space, more up to date food will be stored, and it’s not overwhelming.

Go me!