Things you hope continue when the pandemic is over

I’ve been thinking about the positives that have come out of this situation, or just the ways in which things have changed, and these are some things I hope continue:

  • Group hangouts and game nights over the internet
  • Global online happy hours
  • Livestreamed group workout classes
  • Online conferences that don’t require massive air travel to pull off

Plus, the societal shifts:

  • An understanding that tying health care to employment in the US is stupid
  • mandated PAID SICK TIME in the US
  • realizing providing work from home opportunities doesn’t shut down your business, and makes it more accessible to folks
  • making banking and education more accessible for folks that can’t get to a physical location
  • extending worker protections like UI to gig workers
  • maybe realizing we don’t need to drive + fly everywhere all the time
  • Paying service industry workers more when conditions are stressful/hazardous

I would love to continue working from home, even if only once a week. It has done wonders for my back pain, my sleep schedule, and my stress levels. I have better focus at home, and get more work done.


And related to this, maybe that having not-terrible levels of air pollution is nice…

  • People driving less often because they’re used to only doing so as a necessity (reduce pollution)
  • People maintaining the six feet distancing rule (because really, they’re always standing too close)
  • Widely available telehealth options
  • Continuing telework options as part of the standard
  • Shift in perspective for folks newly acquiring government assistance
  • Reduced overall consumption
  • Continuation of Mutual Aide groups
  • Continuation of Giving Economy or Buy Nothing groups

The feeling that we’re all in this together, only the “this” is just life and we can all be kind


Washing your hands when you get home/to a house you’re visiting
Lowered consumption and spending
Achieving an average 15h/person workweek


At least the option to work from home in every role where it’s practical.

Giving others, especially strangers, personal space.

An emphasis on using technology to keep connected with loves ones.


Oh yea, I would love it if western countries normalized wearing masks in public and when doing close-up jobs, like is quite common in asia.


People getting their dogs walks/exercise & generally spending time with their pets.

(yes, I know this is on brand)


Another vote for work from home.
We actually have informal permission to work from home even after the stay-home order is lifted, mainly because of the 20% pay cut. The official party line is “talk to your manager” but I know my manager will be open to it.


I think there’s gonna be a heck of a lot of appreciation for teachers and childcare workers and cleaners among the upper middle class, beyond normal.

Hoping that sticks around and all the rich people with nannies and house cleaners give them a raise.


Oh, and, bartering!
I’m seeing a lot of that going on. Especially considering that when we food shop these days, many of us don’t have much choice, and sometimes end up with more than we can use because the ginormous package we can’t eat before it spoils is all they have at the store.

Today, I traded some homecanned jam and a candle that was gifted to me (lovely thought, but my cats are WAY too excited about open flame for me to be able to use it) for some greens, lemons, and FLOUR. OMG, the one thing that is in NO stores here other than wipes and cleaning products. A friend of a friend could only find a 50-lb bag, said fuck it and bought it anyway, and is giving the excess away to anyone who could use some.


One more! Can we please permanently abolish the social convention of shaking hands? I have NEVER liked shaking hands, particularly in a business setting. If I am not your close friend or dating/sleeping with/romantically partnered to you, I do not want to touch you!


This!! No more shaking hands. No more people trying to hug me who should not be trying to hug me. etc.


Oh god, my ex-grandboss was a hugger. Just… no.


I can count on one hand people who I will willingly accept hugs from. None of them include any people I work with. That just seems…so weird to me, to hug co workers.


Bulk goods and most of my (non-perishable) groceries delivered to my house. 1 van/truck is better than all heading in, then back out again.

Growing some food at home. I don’t expect everyone to grow every vegetable they eat, but I see so many benefits from almost everyone from growing some thing, no matter how small.

Better understanding when we can’t make it to events because we don’t want to spread the minor illness we have.


One that my nurse friend who works in emergency told me she was pleased with: less people coming to ED for things that don’t need to, like colds and scratches. More resources can then be put towards the cases that actually need them. Hopefully this can continue once the threat of catching COVID passes.