The support for banishing negative self talk thread

Do you suffer from negative self-talk? I sure do! I let my brain be much meaner to me than I would let most people be.

So I thought I would experiment with a separate thread where those of us who struggle with negative self talk can come to let some of our ugly thoughts hang out, and where others can provide different perspectives/support for another way of seeing and communicating with ourselves. Have no idea if it will work or not, and I probably will continue my current practice of gently calling out negative self-talk where I see it possibly harming people (mostly in the journals). But this is a place for those of us who are actively working on diminishing this kind of thinking can congregate and offer mutual support.


Meditation and the cultivation of non-judgmental awareness has helped me tremendously with negative self-talk.

I plug this book all the time but I love Untamed by Glennon Doyle for embodied meditation even though it’s a memoir about so much more than just that.

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My psychologist is helping me focus on self-compassion skills. I hope I can help on this thread and add some of my own experiences.



I love that cartoon series so much.

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I probably belong here.
I have to write my work self-assessment this week and the negative self talk is VERY strong.

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Found this on suggested so reviving!

The magic key for me has been finding positive things and thoughts about other people I encounter in life. Especially people I may dislike. (I don’t force myself to like people by any means, but I can still appreciate their positive traits) My effort there has a direct correlation on how I end up talking to myself, but it feels like less of a battle than directly going for my negative self talk.

I think it strengthens that non judgmental awareness Esme has mentioned.


Not sure I saw this the first time around so I’m glad @hipsail revived it!

I’d like to add that for me, identifying my negative voice was a very important step…taken in therapy, because I had never considered asking where my inner voice comes from. It’s just me, right? But when I thought about it I realized it was internalized from the way my step-dad talked about his coworkers, interns, students (ie not directly to/about me). As I grew into that role I expected my professors and bosses to have the same dismissiveness, pessimism, and negativity he expressed. Except most actually don’t! Thank God because that would be toxic environments all around! I have in fact met many supportive, positive, and helpful individuals in these roles, whom I would strongly prefer to emulate! So these days when I consider my work product or process and hear internal criticism, I can tell that voice, I don’t trust you. You do not have a reputation for accurate judgment in this arena. And I try to think what my college advisors or favorite grad school profs or current managers would say.


Also by complete coincidence just saw this page and it’s cuuute