The Second Weekend of March in $$$


Hi, I hope it’s ok for me to create this topic - I’ve always loved doing my estimates when Billfold was still around (even though I never posted them). Here’s my weekend in $$:

FRIDAY I was extremely grumpy! Some friends who had moved away were doing drinks, so I joined them for a bit. I paid for 6 drinks throughout the night (some my own, some for my friends) and they came out to HK$ 470 - around US$ 60 total. That’s like 30% of my going out budget for the month so there’s why I try not to go out-out.

I also paid our cleaner who came by on Thursday, my half is HK$ 85 - around US$ 11. Well worth the expense as AB (short for American Boy) and I would probably kill each other without her.

SATURDAY I was tired bc of aforementioned drinks, plus I was supposed to teach for 4 hours. 2 of my classes were no-shows :-(. I got some groceries, which I split in half with AB. My half came out to HK$ 237 - around US$ 30 and it should last us about a week. Groceries are supplemented by takeout in my household. I eat breakfast at home, try to bring my lunch most days, and usually eat in Monday-Thursday evenings, with a mix of take-out and cooking in Friday evening - Sunday. AB doesn’t eat breakfast and eats out lunch every day.

SUNDAY I got some coffee in my building as I had a terrible headache -HK$ 25. I bought 2 books - one for kindle, one as a real book as it wasn’t available on kindle. Total HK$ 132.55. I also purchased a Spanish class on udemy as I’m going to Spain later this year. The class was US$ 12.99 but I may return it as it’s more repeating phrases and not as much COLD HARD GRAMMAR as I’d like.

Total: HK$ 1055.22 - around EUR 134. I am not happy about the money spent on going out but I guess I can’t be a recluse always.


A fun game! My weekend has been pretty lazy.
FRIDAY: 49.02$ – Groceries at Aldi.
SATURDAY: 10.86$ – Breakfast with a friend
SUNDAY: $4.76 – Food on the road to the library; $10.01-- beer re-stock; $21.39 – Gas for the car


Nothing like 11 hour work days to make for a cheap weekend.
Friday: forgot to bring my dinner to work. $8 on a premade salad.
Saturday: 11 hours at work. $0
Sunday: halfway through another 11 hour day. $0


We’ve been spendy since the move - one thing I’m really looking forward to having our own place (in a week!!) is to get back into some reliable cooking habits.

Friday: 25 on beer for us and wine to take to Saturday’s get together. 30 on a fancy pizza (which fed us lunch Saturday too, at least).
Saturday: 65 on groceries, 15 on a couple fancy beers at a brewery, and 21 on ubers to/from the aforementioned get together.
Sunday: 28 on brunch and then we were homebodies and stopped spending money finally.


Friday: $30 – beers and sausages with friends from work
Saturday: $29.02 – weekly grocery shopping
Sunday: $2.97 – coffee on the way to watch boats along the Hudson after the rain stopped


I am happy that you started this topic!

Friday, $0 as usual, because it’s an ordinary work day and babies don’t let you sleep in (though sometimes husbands do).
Saturday, we had to get gas on the drive up to my parents’ house–I forget how much that was, about $20. I went to a kids’ consignment sale with my mom and got a bunch of stuff but she paid for everything, so $0.
Sunday, out to brunch with family and friends–$180. We wanted to treat my parents and bestie, and my sister and family friends got kind of folded into that. We had room in the budget, but ouch. Then I got a free haircut from my mom so at least that was $0?


Ugh, this weekend was spendy. My mom is in town, and so we went out to eat x1 million. Plus my dog got sick, and following universal rules required the emergency vet.
Fri- Bday breakfast out with Husband. $30. My birthday dinner- we didn’t pay for this one, my mom treated us.
Sat- Lunch, $11.50. Emergency vet, $460-something for meds, fluids, xray, and fecal test.
Sun- Coffee with a friend, $4.50. Lunch with family (husband and I split an entree, but he got drinksx2), $28 I think? Then shopping- needed to replace a ton of stuff, and we had access to an employee store. So we got me shoes, yoga pants, a rain shell, a fancier structured rain jacket, and one of those fuzzy ear covers (mine is like 20 years old and on its last legs), plus a rain shell and shoes for Husband, for like $150. (Have to work it out exactly- my mom’s purchases were on the same order, so I have to calculate the sale price across them. UGH). Still, for a normal price of $340 worth of stuff, I’m pretty damn happy.

So like $684 this weekend, and we didn’t even get groceries. OUCH.


Oof. Is the pup doing better?


Yes, thankfully! Back to her spunky, dish-licking, slipper stealing self. In fact, she’s so hungry from losing/missing so many meals that she keeps barking at our food prep area :woman_facepalming: Hoping this doesn’t become a new thing with her. Puppies, yo.


Omg my weekend was just bad decisions:
Friday: nothing; stayed in
Saturday: mostly worked and then spent the evening raising money for charity! Spent $5.98 at rite aide - a Red Bull and travel sized contact lens solution
Sunday: $274 JR rail pass for Japan - $156 chase travel credit/reimbursement = $118
$3.99 - another Red Bull at rite aide to try to finish work and travel sized toothpaste since mine is almost tapped

Headed to the airport now!


Other than the red bull x2, this all sounds necessary and not ridiculous at all???
Travel safely and have fun! :smiley:


Mine was pretty typical and pretty inexpensive.
Friday, I don’t even remember. Since I take a HIIT class every morning and get a tall flat white after, I did that ($4.25). I went to the store to buy stuff for loaded baked potatoes ($25), which we had for dinner. Now I remember, I played tennis with my friends in the afternoon, so no spend there.

Saturday – Took the dog for a long walk. It was rainy so I was planning to take a HIIT class, but when I got to the gym, the power was out, so class was cancelled (paid $1.25 to park – I only pay parking if I go to a class on Saturday because my weekday classes are at 5:15 am, so no money needed and Sunday no money needed). Got a tall flat white. In the afternoon, one of my friends is training to be a barre instructor and needed test people, so I did that. I bought fancy bread and soft pretzels afterwards ($10.50). No one felt like cooking so everyone was on their own (I had tomato soup and grilled cheese).

Sunday – Took the dog for a long walk and bought a tall flat white ($4.25). My son’s math tutor came ($150) I was scheduled to play in a tennis match, but the other team defaulted, so I hit for quite a while with one of my teammates. My husband and the kids got some groceries (Trader Joe’s, two different local grocery stores and the farmer’s market). I made split pea soup for dinner and one of the kids made an apple pie.

Since I don’t count groceries in the estimate, this was a reasonable weekend – only about $13.50 for coffee and $150 for the math tutor (he is well worth it, and compared to paying for private school, this is totally worth it).


Did not track my spending this weekend (since I thought Friday estimates were a thing of the past), so just popping in to say I’m so excited this is back!