The Not Pregnant...Yet Thread

Ditto inositol.

I found LH strips useful, but I had to test multiple times a day often around my fertile window or I could miss the peak - I tended to have a fast surge. Cheapies are your friend.


Does anyone know if ovaries can pull on the hip joint? Glute release is doing nothing for the pinch/pull/ache in my hip. May just be all the naps. I miss yoga. :pleading_face: Soon.


It doesn’t pull, but it can compress the nerves, muscles and tendons. When I have cysts, and especially PMS with cysts they affect my psoas so badly that I can’t stand upright.

There is a weird lunge thing in meow’s famous 12 minute foundation training video that helps a bit. Staying in bed is usually the best


Since it magically went away after retrieval I blame this. Also amazing how much I learned about “side effects of having ovaries” through this experience.

Sorry about the cysts those sound like zero fun. Especially with small humans.


We are now officially TTC?

We’ll see how this gooessssss


Eep good luck!


1/2 excited 1/2 terrified 1/2 what even am I doing I am only vaguely a responsible adult


Good luck!!!

It’s a weird mental transition from preventing to inviting!


Sounds about right.


This sounds about right :sweat_smile: good luck!

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Summary of things I wish someone had told me earlier
  • It starts with the egg is a good book (and not too guilt trippy or preachy?) I ended up reading it on the plane after my MC, I would tell past self to consume it sooner, if I could.
  • Take vit D and Coq10, my fertility doc said she recommends it to all women over 30 for egg quality. She told me 600 mg of CoQ10, which is a lot! But apparently won’t hurt. Best value source we found was Costco ($20 for a bottle of 300s). Many manufacturers just do 100.
  • Prenatal but you’re probably already doing that/heard that.
  • Premom brand quantitative LH test strips are pretty great if you decide to test/track.

My tip here is to get one without iron. If you need iron, take separately. Absorption of iron is reduced by interference with too many other things and then you just end up nauseous/ constipated from iron that your body couldn’t use.


Definitely have a prenatal and it does not have iron. I like my tummy not-angry.


I am a rebel and use a prenatal with iron (RainbowLight One) and take it at bedtime. I don’t have nausea. I take calcium separately in the AM to avoid interference (this is the main one I am aware of).

I do have nausea if I take the calcium/magnesium/zinc on an empty stomach.

So, bodies gonna body. :upside_down_face: Erryone is different.


Yeah if your body does iron fine it doesnt matter! But some people taking prenatals and feeling unwell or who dont absorb iron well dont realise iron can be a key in “ugh why dont i like taking these”.


So, idk if this sways anyone else’s opinion but I just saw an ad for Inito featuring mamadoctorjones, and I consider her an excellent doctor-influencer/health educator and none of her prior content suggests she would sell out.

It makes me happy that better fertility tech is coming out :blush:


That does sound promising! :crossed_fingers: It helps people! She does seem pretty solid.

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Roll call: who’s still here?

I got an idea from Reddit that is looking promising: donor eggs in Cancun. It seems like a really good deal. The woman at the center emailed me the package specifics:

  • fresh donor egg retrieval
  • fertilization with own sperm
  • time-lapse incubation
  • fresh transfer
  • embryo freezing and 1 year storage
  • genetic screening of up to 8 embryos with gender selection if desired
  • all medical fees
  • beta test if you stay in town that long
  • additional transfer if first one does not result in positive pregnancy test

The price for all of that? 272,700 pesos (about $15,800).

The person on Reddit said their egg donor retrieved 27 eggs and they got 11 embryos! She did a fresh transfer of 2 embryos. She currently has a 7-month-old boy and plans to do another transfer in 2024. She decided to have her remaining 9 embryos tested. One did not survive the testing process and she had 4 euploids of the remaining 8.

And donor eggs here are like $14–18k for just 6 frozen eggs! Plus a transfer is at least $4k, and the testing is another $4300. The possibility of getting more eggs, fresh eggs at that, and all those extras—a backup transfer, even!—seems really promising. And there are some really cheap, highly rated AirBnBs in Cancun.

I do have some ethical concerns, though. I’ve done some reading about the ethics of anonymous donation from the perspective of donor-conceived folks, and it seems that anonymous is the only option in Mexico.

Also, I’m a little worried about the idea of…how do I put this…like, a higher chance of exploitation of egg-having people in Mexico vs. here? I think of the level of desperation that causes people to cross the border, and of the very young-looking sex workers I’ve seen on the streets of Tijuana, and I just…wonder. But at the same time, I also feel like it’s culturally insensitive (and I am half-Mexican but still) to assume that women over there don’t have the same autonomy and motivations as women here, in terms of being able to donate their gametes for compensation if they desire.

So, I’m going to read as much as I can and talk about it with my therapist. The entire time that we’ve considered donor eggs, we’ve wanted to honor my Mexican heritage by choosing a donor who was at least half Latina. So going straight to the source, as it were, does make sense there too!


I’m still here! I have genetic consultation scheduled Jan 15 and surgery Jan 26. Hopefully they can make my womb hospitable and we can move forward! :crossed_fingers:

I am glad you have options you are considering… I have no input, just hugs. This is hard choices.


I’m here! (I introduced Wizard to the term “goal-oriented fucking” and he was incredibly amused.)

I too have no input, just hugs. Those ARE hard choices.