The Not Pregnant...Yet Thread

Well, it also serves a dual purpose for me- high cancer risk genetically so full tubal removal is a very good idea for me. Since I’m likely to go to my c section anyway, may as well yank ‘em.

ETA interestingly reccs are now changing that any abdominal surgery a woman undergoes after she’s done having children, she should be offered a full tubal removal, because a couple large studies have found early detection methods didn’t really help :cry: so our best intervention is removal. I think NHS already updated this guidance this year, unsure who else.


I may play the game after the first. It’s just really bad odds until my blocked tube is yoinked…


Oooh, that’s interesting! One more reason to be mad about the Catholic hospital system…


Unexpected early positive OPK and ovulation pains at CD9/10. Temp didn’t decide to rise until CD14. No idea what’s going on there but at least did manage GOF on both positive OPK days, though none before or after.

A week from today, I turn 42, which I remember noticing on all the IVF charts as the age at which using your own eggs starts to have so low a chance that I no longer thought it would be worth the cost in my income bracket.

On my birthday, my mom will also turn 62 and plans to retire at the end of the year. She plans to sell her little fully paid off house since she lives with my sister now anyway and divide the proceeds four ways between herself and her three children. It will likely sell for somewhere between $150k-$200k.

I was talking with Swan about it and I think once that happens, we’re going to try donor eggs after all with my portion of the money. He doesn’t want to let go of the dream of his own genetic offspring yet if there’s an avenue there.


Does anyone know offhand whether there are success differences in doing a fresh transfer vs. frozen transfer for embryos made with donor eggs?